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    Hi Keith,

    Would it be possible to see quick channels aswell on SQ same as CQ,

    In advance where possible bring the available 3 assist for SQ as well:

    – Gain assist
    – Feedback assist
    – FX assist

    In advance i would like to see 1 or 2 DCA groups and 1 or 2 Matrix channels for CQ.

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    The vociferous demand for a SQsb has thankfully been answered!
    Clearly defined CQ parameter limitations would be helpful in assessing it’s overall fit with any given work flow needs.
    Is the gain assist a substitute for comprehensive compression algorithms?
    Is the feedback assist a substitute for precise parametric and graphic EQs?
    These “magic buttons” that automatically resolves this or that problem are seldom ever an efficient comprehensive solution that works better for folks that do not have the knowledge or experience to use more precise tools to do the job. This is a bare bones, basic entry level product that does offer limited automated features in lieu of real processing tools. It is a long way from the sonic quality offered with a DX168 expansion stage box, and not in the same zip code with A&H’s flagship “Prime I/Os that are all available with the SQ line. The absence of fader tactile controls eliminates it’s role as a theatrical tool but in a final analysis, it’s price point really does tell the whole story.

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    I See the words, but dont See sence…

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    +1 for this – the Feedback assist is well implemented and far more surgical than a PEQ or GEQ – a fist full of narrow notches, set in a few seconds before sound check, some frozen, others continuously adapting and freeze it all at any stage. Why wouldn’t you want that option in SQ? I sure do.

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    Toby, There is a learning curve associated with the importance of understanding why gain staging should always be the first step in dynamic range control, followed with dialing in the threshold and ratio of any chosen compression algorithm. If this doesn’t make “SENSE” to you obviously you are exactly the type of buyer the CQ is designed for.

    BRS, To attain a clear understanding of the difference between automated internal filters, be they fix or floating, and real external RTA analysis check out the Smaart RTA systems. Most professional SR protocols will not want any EQ filters automatically applied or dropped during a performance. Mountains of highly regarded information pursuant to the sonic degradation associated with multiple random notch filter internal applications have pretty much established the parametric 4 filter RTA external protocol.
    If it turns out that a fist full of automated narrow internal fixed and floating notches works for you then the CQ is designed for you.

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