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    following the video regarding clocking… Do I understand correctly, that the Stageboxes like GX4816 and AR4212 do not “count” as clock sources and are get their clocking from the connected desk?

    For example:

    Qu16 –> Slink SQ5 –> IO-Card AR2412

    SQ has to be set to Clock from Slink?

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    KeithJ A&H


    Thanks for checking out the live stream 🙂
    Clocking was one of the topics we really wanted to cover as it’s something that can cause intermittent and subtle problems when not set up correctly.

    You’re correct in your understanding here. You can think of it like the expanders/stage boxes always clocking from an external source.
    In the case of A&H protocol expanders, including the GX4816 and AR2412 that you mention, these require connection to a mixer to function and can therefore always clock from the mixer.

    It’s only when using DT expanders that you need to consider the clocking for expanders – DT units can be used independently of a console (with our preamp control app for example) and so you should follow best practice for Dante network clocking when using them.

    You are also correct in saying the SQ would have to be clocked from the Qu in that setup (Qu16 –> Slink SQ5 –> IO-Card AR2412).
    This is always the case whenever a Qu is connected to an SQ, and then as above, the AR2412 would just automatically clock to the SQ.

    The important point about clocking when using A&H protocols is that there must be a single clock ‘origin’ for all system to system connections.
    In the setup we had in the stream, the dLive was clocked to the Avantis which was clocked to the SQ which was clocked to the Qu.
    So all the digital connections between them were synchronised with Qu being the clock origin.
    As the SQ, Avantis and dLive can all synchronise their clock to different sources, a setup involving any combination of those three could use any of them as the clock origin. With the ability to use 3rd party protocols like MADI/Dante/Waves and wordclock i/o, there are lots of other possible clock sources too e.g. standalone wordclock generators or a Dante network.
    There must still only be one origin though! All other consoles must synchronise their clocks to it either directly or ‘through’ the other consoles.


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