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    Allen & Heath,
    I hope you guys are listening…

    Your wholesalers / retailers prices of the selection of your “AR” patch panel equipment series
    is cost extreme to say the least. In particular the AR84 ! a $1,200 (AUD) bucks for a patch panel
    LOL, you’ve got to be kidding.

    I’ve been in the IT Industry for 25yrs and generally speaking “Patch Panels”, no matter how basic
    (which the AR84 is) are no way worth that amount. Ive seen inside them fellas, there’s not much in them !!!
    It’s at best a $250-$350 unit !

    You’re forcing small operators away from the product by making it unaffordable and making it virtually
    impossible to use the last 8 x channels on a QU32 that’s running an already chock a block AR2412.
    You need to go back to the drawing board on the cost of that particular unit guys 🙁
    rant over

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    These are not just patch panels. They contain industry leading pre-amps, and a/d and d/a converters. Along with complex, low latency networking systems. All packaged in road rugged chassis.

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    I understand what you are saying, but with respect, the board components will have already been pre-assembled & pre-fabed in a factory in China
    moved down to the next line for assembly and then fitted off as they do with most of this stuff similar to IT hardware. There’s a lot of “similar”
    examples of componentry like this, albeit not exactly the same, but similar for way less. I just think the retail $ price of this piece of “add-on”
    for extending your QU32 out to be able to properly access the last 8 channels is way over the top, just my 2c worth mate !
    Maybe A&H should have built the AR2412 with an extra row to accomodate the QU32 ! & called it the AR3216 !
    now that would have been smart eh 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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