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    Hi everyone, new to this forum and very new to the Qu 32 mixer. I inherited sound board duties at a small church and from the manual and various Youtube tutorials have basically figured out the board for straightforward operations eg. Channels to the mains and Mixes to the monitors. We have started live-streaming and currently the Livestream Sling studio box is receiving the default Mains audio from Alt out on the back of the board.
    Our room is incredibly boomy for low and low mid frequencies, so the mains mix reflects many adjustments to get the sound kind of passable in the room. However the Livestream audio is missing a lot of low end, very little to no drums and no room ambience. Sounds quite thin. I want to start by adding some mics on the drums and a couple of ambient room mics. I don’t want these in the mains as the drums are already plenty loud in the room. As I understand it I can create a separate stereo mix or maybe better a Matrix mix that includes the L/R mains and the drum and ambient mics and route this to the Alt out for Livestream. I would like to know how to make changes to the new mix ( eq, channel volume etc.) that is routed to the Alt out without that changing the mix in the room. Not at all sure how to accomplish this. Wondering if someone could step me through it? So I guess the goal would be to keep the existing Mains mix intact, create a new mix for live-streaming that includes drum and ambient room mics that are not in the mains, and be able to make adjustments to the whole livestream mix including volume and eq for individual channels without affecting the room mains mix. Hope that is clear. Would appreciate any help.

    Thank you

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    Welcome Briguy !

    It seems to me your best bet is to approach it as if you are making a (stereo) monitormix. So use one of the stereo mixbusses and go from there. Do not reuse the mainmix ! Start from zero.
    There are lots of threads about the exact thing you’re trying to do, just search the forum.

    Good luck !


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    another possibility is to repatch the sound system connectors to the available matrix outs and feed a clean (no EQ’s) main mix to the stream via the other available matrix
    copy your processing to the matrix output that feeds the PA and disable the EQ on the main mix

    now you are able to mix to a flat response main mix and stream mix and you can still apply processing to the PA system

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    Thank you for your help. It makes sense to me to create a new stereo mix to go out for the livestream. As I understand it I would not assign the drum mics and the room mics to the mains but only to the new mix.

    So is there an option to choose whether or not I send a channel to the new mix with it’s individual channel processing or can I turn that off or on depending on the particular channel? Is that pre or post fade? Sorry for the newbie questions but it’s all a bit newbie for me. I am reading up on the manual and watching a few videos.

    It looks like I would only be able to add processing ( eq, compression etc.) to the new mix as a whole, is that correct?

    Thanks again for any help.

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    Mike C

    You can not select individual channel processing sends to a mix, it is a global setting
    in the mix set menu. You can select pre or post fader send individually by channel.

    As with every output you can process a mix overall with EQ both parametric and graphic and compression.
    For your live stream / broadcast mix you’ll want to add a little extra compression.

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