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    so sleek.
    Nothing plastic-ally about this… unlike I have seen elsewhere.
    All lift-able out of a road case by myself! (a one person lift!)

    I said to the sales guys.
    “If you don’t sell a bucket load of these to all of those to X-GL user’s then there is something wrong!”

    GOSH. What a magnificent mixer!
    And its all on one surface! 32 faders where I can easily see the EQ’s in one line!
    Large screen where I did not have to put my glasses on!
    I studied for a few hours (hands on) experimenting how I could use the QU32 as a monitor desk.

    I do wish it had the original QU fader knobs (like the GL). However I will be changing some of those for alternative coloured Knobs.
    Maybe A & H could supply a pre colourd pack for users to colour code to their own liking?
    Interestingly … now I would possibly invest in an iLive. :+)

    Thanks A & H
    I look forward to getting at least 2 of them.

    davE NZ

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    …still waiting for mine – looks like it could be the middle of October!

    Could you expand on your comment re: the fader knobs? I (briefly) had a QU24 before returning it and ordering the 32 – are you saying that the fader knobs on the 32 are different – inferior?

    I had assumed they would be the same as the QU16 and 24… and I also assume the change means that the 32 is made in China. *sigh* one of the reasons for me choosing the QU in the first place was that it was British-made… How does the quality measure up to your 24?

    Oh well. I am still very impatient to get mine and get my new studio set up!

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    I’m jealous of the bigger touch screen!

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    I would take a Chinese made product to extremely high standards any day.
    Companies have products made in super high tech facilities in China from all over the world.
    The design requirements often come from smaller countries etc… however to keep the cost to the end user down and to ensure an extreme high standard and production a lot of electronic circuit boards are made in China.
    NZ has some great high tech designing companies that get the finished product made in China.
    Sorry if I misled you..
    I have not got a QU32… I checked out the local distributors “demo” QU32
    I still have to wait for my 3 to arrive which starts hopefully later September.(although I need at least 1 imediately)
    The fader knobs on the QU32 are the same as the QU24
    Its only my own personal preference of fader knobs .
    The touch on the fingers. I have been a musician all of my life and I prefer a flatter feel. Not scalloped.
    I change the knobs on my QU series any how to represent sub groups and EFX “as I like to use the “user defined layer”
    The early QU16 fader knobs were like the GL knobs
    As a sound guy I used to carry an awful amount of external processing (EQ’s and comps) around with me to jobs and I don’t have to now.

    The one layer EQ (flip mode) at a glance will be superb!

    The big question for me is where to get cases!
    Light weight pressed or moulded cases that one person can handle.

    davE NZ

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    Thanks for the clarifications – I’m really looking forward to finally getting mine (I’m waiting to build a new studio around it).

    As with any other place in the world, some Chinese factories produce to high quality standards, some much more variable. One of the things I do is manufacture ridiculously over-engineered guitar slides, made from solid tungsten carbide. I source my carbide from the EU or USA, but they are made down the road from me in London, in a specialist workshop. I looked at manufacturing in China, where around 80% of the world’s carbide originates. And yes, it would be cheaper, but by the time they have been shipped round the world, duties paid etc. not by nearly as much as you would think.

    And I don’t believe I could achieve anywhere near the level of quality I do at present. I inspect each slide – if there is any blemish or issue, it goes back into the workshop there and then to be sorted – and can assure my customers that every one is absolutely perfect. Not sure how I would do that with a factory in China…

    I spoke to some guys in the UK who manufacture quite high-end products out in China for import to the UK about how they deal with this type of quality issue. The answer… they don’t – they accept the variable quality and let their customers raise it if it’s unacceptable…

    Anyways, I hope when I finally get my QU32 that the quality is up to that of the QU24 I returned – which felt extremely solid and worked flawlessly.


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