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    In the middle of huge 3 day event.
    Suddenly the AR84 just drops out.
    Using 50 metre cat 5E (not A&H)
    Only way to get the QU32 to see the AR84 is to restart the QU32
    Happened 3 times in the middle of sessions.
    I nearly suspect it is when I go to look at GEQ in subgroups?
    However so inconsistent and happened 4 times over 2 days so far.
    The AR2408 stays in sync ok

    If any one has any ideas please advise.
    I have an 15 hour show tomorrow .. that’s a start time of 6 hours away



    dave NZ

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    when you say “drops out” do you mean the control, audio or both? how often did it happen? it might be worth testing it on a short run of cable to eliminate the 50 metre run you have, and trying a different link cable. also check that your mains and mains cabling is okay, i’d imagine a brownout or intermittent supply could cause problems.

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    Contellation is Qu32->50mCable->AR2408->ShortCable->AR84, right? If the AR2408 stays in sync I’d check the expansion connection first.

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    Thanks for somments
    I have to go back to event now.
    QU32 stays in sync fine over 50 meter cable. The AR08 has short A&H link to AR2408
    Running UPS no problem there…
    Generator power which is very stable.
    I’ll change the short both cat 5E cables to the AR2408 and AR08 this morning
    I nearly suspect it is loosening sync when I go into the menu of the QU32 which is a scary thought as I need to do that to tweak Group GEQ.
    and today we will be doing a lot of recalls ….
    anyhow thanks
    with out dropping in major conponments.
    My monitor engineer suggested we run an analogue multicore….
    ahhh I dont think so!

    keep you posted.
    I have a long day and night ahead”cheers

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    swapped AR2408 with new unit and it ran fab all day and night.
    No drop outs.

    thanks all

    dave NZ

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