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    Hi guys

    As an initial comment, I am not an expert user, but trying to learn A&H QU32 that I just bought.

    My intention is to use the Qu32 in my home studio as Pro Tools controller, for monitoring and talkback with musicians and also to use it as an additional ADDA interface to record more live channels.

    I have a problem when trying to aggregate APOLLO 8p and the QU32 to work together in ProTools as interfaces. I could not find a way to be able to set them to work together under “Pro Tools Aggregate I/O”, as I couldn’t find a way to get audio from QU/32 channels into the DAW.

    Is there a way to do this? Will I be able to work with the Apollo 8p and the QU32 as 2 aggregated interfaces in ProTools / or logic x .. i use both?

    Thanks in advance for your support!

    Buenos Aires

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    Clock mastering will be the issue I’d imagine.

    The QU can only be a clock master, and USB isn’t a clocking capable signal.

    The QU USB-B port should allow for audio to be passed ways quite happily.

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    Have you tried Aggregate control within the MAC domain using Elcapitan?
    I did try the GSR24m and a QU in Lion but it was a nightmare.

    You can quite successfully run 2 USB controlled devices although only One is the I/O and the other I use for controll of extra channels.
    As per pics.
    However sadly there is no inline overdub punch in/out on the QU. Its either /or.

    hope this may help you?
    Or food for thought?

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    Thanks guys for your swift reply.

    After trying several times…and doing nothing different one time of the other … today I could made QU32 and Apollo8p work together on Logic X using an aggregated interface control. I set QU32 as managing clock control and clicked on Drift Correction for the Apollo.

    BUT the what’s is more strange is that it has not work on Pro Tools 12. When I select AGGREGATED PROTOOLS IO on Protools, in can receive input signals from the QU32 but not for the Apollo. Could it be the 32 restriction that Protools has when it comes to inputs? I tried on every single input available on the I/O settings panel trying to get mic signal from Apollo’s input #1 … but couldn’t make it …. what do you think could be happening?

    I have attached 2 images for your review.


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    Appologies if I misled you there…?
    Im running 2 QU but one a control
    and simply just installed 2 Allen Heath DAW apps.

    However I am looking at trying the Aggregate set up

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    Oh hi
    Crossed line there.
    From memory I was able to select both to use their own clocks?

    Im just using the quickext way to keep mu old iMac as fast as possible for tracking purposes

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Fede,

    Could it be the 32 restriction that Protools has when it comes to inputs?

    I imagine so. Only Pro Tools HD can record >32ch simultaneously.


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