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    Setup: QU24/Reaper/Mac Desktop 10.11 El Capitan OSX (SSD/32GB Ram/4 GHz – 16 Core/(2) 2TB Drives).

    Issue: With fader control automation enabled, I can not control recording levels. In other words, I can’t control any track volumes when recording, only playback (faders are working with the daw). Every time I adjust a track level, the fader moves up and down with the daw or vise versa. But, the volume shown on the board tracks and on reaper daw don’t do anything but bring playback volume up and down. How do you control the record volume in for each track? Currently a few tracks are showing clipping and can not be altered to fix the clipping. All tracks are doing this; no recording volume control adjustments can be made. Just playback gets adjusted, not the recording levels into the DAW. (As the record in levels need to be adjusted to around -18).

    As far as I know everything has been configured as instructed (see below).

    QU24 Settings) – DAW Control setup as instructed via manual; Setup/Control/Custom Layer, (all 24 tracks set to Midi). Custom Layer Enabled for Automated DAW Control. Setup/Control/MIDI, Midi Ch: 1, Midi DAW Control Ch: 2.

    DAW Control Panel Settings) – Mixer: QU, Midi Ch: 2, Protocol: Mackie Control, Midi Ports: Selected, Input Port: QU-24 Midi Out, Output Port: QU24 Midi In.

    Reaper Settings) – Options / Preferences MIDI Devices from the left hand list. All DAW
    Control MIDI Input and Output ports are disabled. Control Surfaces from the left hand list, Mackie Control devices were created for each block of 8 MIDI strips present on the mixer (@ 3 strips). (Mackie Control Universal surface mode and DAW Control MIDI 1 added to input & output ports. Mackie Control Universal surface mode and DAW Control MIDI 2 added to input & output ports. Mackie Control Universal surface mode and DAW Control MIDI 3 added to input & output ports.).

    Each track input in Reaper are set to “Audio/Midi”.

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    Are there input gain controls for each track in Reaper.

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    I spent more time on it this evening. Not sure if there’s a better way of doing things but it seems you gotta set each track with the local volume control [via Processing/Sel
    (on the track you’re working on)/Local volume knob (on touch screen)] in standard layers mode not “Custom Layer Only” mode. Then when they’re all set hit the “Custom Layer Only” via Setup/Control/Custom Layer (So you have DAW control).

    Note: when you turn the local volume knob all the way down, there’s still a signal on Reapers meter. I just adjusted the local volume on the mixer and watched the signal peak in reaper’s track meter and brought local volume up till it hit around -18 in the reaper track I’m working on. Did this for every track. And named each track as I went; Track1 Kick, Track2 Snare, Track3 T1, Track4 T2, etc…

    To hear your playback, I found you have to hit the Preamp button located at the top left on the console and adjust the volume knob accordingly to your big fat ear holes.

    Here is a link of what I figured out thus far. If anyone has a better way to do it, by all means share.

    Vid is a kinda crappy and short winded, but here’s what I have… (you may have to copy and paste the link).

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