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    Hi. Still a QU24 Newbie Question 2.
    At our request the Installers generated 3 different output amp feeds (required to be slightly different to the L/R Main Output) using 3 of the ‘Mixes’ but I didn’t see them setup.

    Mix 5/6 “Aisle Rear” for an additional speaker.

    Mix 7/8 “100v Relay” for various other loudspeaker areas but most importantly in the Chancel pointing towards the Altar requiring less Altar PZM mic.

    Mix 9/10 “Hearing Aid Loop”

    I realise that selecting each ‘Mix’ blue button gives access to the individual sources feeding that mix and that the L/R fader becomes the control fader for that mix.
    But if the Main L/R is faded out the 3 ‘Mixes’ mentioned are still fed. This is a problem for ‘Basic’ users.
    So is there any way of making these 3 separate mixes follow the Main L/R fader?
    Or is there another way of deriving these 3 different required feeds to follow the Main L/R fader?
    (We are using the Custom Layer with just 1 spare fader channel.)

    Looking forward to some interesting replies. Thanks


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    Mike C

    So you have one common master fader for all outputs you need to set up a DCA group with the mixes and the LR main assigned to it.
    You set the relative level balance between all of the outputs using the mixes master faders and the main LR master. The DCA group fader will then control them all.

    The DCA master faders are on the upper layer selection, you could build up your custom layer that includes the DCA master fader.

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    Thanks for your reply Mike C. I obviously need to delve further when I next have access.

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