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    Hi Guys,

    Been thinking of buy the QU for recording. I’ve read the other post “QU in the Studio” but didn’t find the answers I was looking for nor did I want to hijack the thread so… A few questions:

    • Is anyone using outboard gear (compressors, eq) with the console via the mix outs. Returning it into another channel. Latency issues?
    • How about using the group buses for ‘parallel processing’ with compressors (either internal or external). Latency issues again?
    • USB-B – Can you stream 16 or 24/44.1 tracks to/from the computer, or is it only 24 or 16/48?
    • Can you track with EQ/Comp from the QU recording to the computer (USB-B)?
    • How usable are the dynamics? Time delayed effects (reverb, delays, etc)?

    Sorry about so many questions. Thanks in advance for any insight.

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    great questions…

    I have just added a QU24 (as a side-car for the moment) next to my GSR to use as a midi controller and also with the possibility of using ME-1 as a headphone mix in sessions.
    Not quite sure with all of that yet though. Thought I might put a loom between the Direct outs (from GSR)into the QU line ins.
    Bit of experimenting to do…

    watching with interest..


    I do like the compression and effects quality.
    I noticed the gate has a depth level so that might be good for live recording mix done? Although these days I’m not using a lot of gating.
    I kind of like one mic over the drum set at this moment.

    I experimented quite a bit with streaming USB-B I have to say it seemed to work really well.
    And there was an interesting article I read about the amount of data you can get through USB2. Its good reading


    • USB-B – Can you stream 16 or 24/44.1 tracks to/from the computer, or is it only 24 or 16/48?

    I think the QU range is locked at 48k

    Hope this helps and makes sense. :+}

    dave NZ

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    Thanks for the answers! Have you ever used outboard gear with the QU? Im guessing you use your GSR with it’s inserts however.

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    Ive come from the old days of using 4 Black Faced Adats and BRC
    Moved it all on, closed up shop but then for a small project got the GSR.
    And reverse engineerd Reaper with this.
    Suddenly the QU series came along and wow.
    To me its unbelievably simple and will only get better!
    I did used to use an awful amount of outboard inserts and notice the guys on the cockos and gearslutz forums want to use outboard gear as well.
    The QU is very clean… maybe you could use the line level in’s and out.
    I see a guy posted a mix of a recording here somewhere but they ‘Y’ connected the outputs for some reason? and from memory went back into a laptop.
    I would have thought to set upp the QU as a studio scenario you use the ALT out as monitors like a studio desk and then use the main outs or maybe matrix outs or subgroup outs?
    Rule of thumb was always “if in digital stay in digital” but maybe that was only in the 16bit days like the old Adats (bless their mechanical souls)
    I mean the QU is my choice to record live gigs because its a ‘one stop shop’

    Really…. the old adats cost $11k each and i bought 4 of them!? ), the BRC and Ai1 interface $2k EACH

    Just think where we have come from to this wonderful QU series.
    And here the QU is roughly $5k and a decent laptop about $1k

    Sure it dosn’t have mechanical or valve inserts etc…
    However remember you can get out of phase even in the alalogue enviroment.

    Maybe think of the QU as tracking into software… applying treatment of tracks in a laptop and then mix down back through the desk back into the QU drive.

    The best recordings are good mic’s with careful mic placement.
    All of the floor noises add up.

    nice to get my thoughts out.
    sorry for the rave.
    Hope I have helped



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