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    Hi there,

    Iam intressted to buy a Qu16/24. I mainly going to use it studio togheter with a DAW. Just wonder how mutch i daw-control i have from the board?


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    The way I understand it, the custom layer can be set up to send commands to the DAW via USB-b (on the back of the board). I’ve never done it before but the drivers and notes are available on the A&H website. Maybe that will answer your question


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    Hi there. QU16 as a DAW? Works brilliantly with Reaper. (stunning would be a better word) I now want to run 2x QU16’s for surface area and use an ME for artists head phones. However I can only get 1 QU to work in the MACbook Pro at a time. Where can I get more info on how to run either 2 A&H DAW apps? There must be a way! Ive been using the GSR24M for couple years and so just used this knowledge to set up the matrix and the QU16 was really easy to use. Moving faders… I could switch between banks of 16 channels in the Mac with the faders moving to their respective positions. You can mix ITB (in the box) or bring the audio back into each fader per channel and mix in the mixer.

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    big bozz

    Hey I wonder if you could help me I recently bought a qu16 which I’m running with logic 10 on my Mac Pro (I will say I’m new to digital mixers so bare with me ) ok this is my problem when recording analog into logician can see signal on my qu16 on the stereo channel and I can see signal in logic on the channel strip and I can record a wav file because I can see my recording but I have no audio volume in other words I can’t hear my signal or my recorded play back I am really getting confused using between my digital and agnolotti domaines do I always have the imput source on the qu16 in USB mode when recording analog or does analog get set to USB when recording and then play back

    Help please 🙂

    Regards Andie

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    Hello Andy
    That pretty much says it all. Remember you need to set up your Mac [configure speakers]
    and I do not know Logic software, however the Reaper software has a matrix where you can configure where the audio comes back into the QU. I set that to return into ST3 digitally

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