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    Good Day!
    Hoping I can get confirmation that I am approaching things correctly. Basically I’d like to record my band playing a song and play it back to set the main mix/monitor mix since we don’t have a dedicated sound guy. From what I’ve read it appears to record I need to set all applicable channels to “LOCAL” then do the recording. When I go to play back I need to set all applicable channels to “USB” is that correct? Does that mean if nothing changes from the input sources I can use the same recording to set up for a live gig rather than a formal sound check?
    Will changes I make (e.g eq, levels, etc) during USB playback match what was originally sent so that the mix will be accurate when we play the song again?


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    From therory you’re correct, not sure if this will work “accurate” in any situation. Some points to consider immediately come to mind:
    – acoustics will change with audience
    – situation for soundcheck differs with stage geometry and size. For a proper monitor mix you do need full band playing and adjust so everybody feels ok.
    – Not sure about the gain knob. That probably need to be set to something neutral when mixing the recording, so you may want to use scene memories for both situations.
    – If you do use scenes to switch between “recording” and “playback” configuration, use filters to only modify input source (Local/USB) and Gain and keep anything else (not checked).

    just to name a few.

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    I’ve tried this a few times, technically you can do it as you describe, but I find its not really that much use for setting levels in most cases.
    Unless the gig is huge, or the band very quiet on stage, too much of what both band and audience hear comes from the backline. My gig this weekend needed only vocals & the acoustic guitar in the monitors, but if we’d set monitors from a recording we’d have been dealing in drums, bass & electric guitars too.

    Having said that, having a couple of songs stored helped a lot when the drummer (as I had recently) is running late. Turn the recorded drums up as loud in the drum monitor as possible, point it forwards, and you can still roughly check a full song. Just don’t forget to turn them off again when he gets there! Not as good as the real thing, but much better than nothing.

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    I use the the Multitrack recording feature for thi too, I’m the front man and the mixer man in the same person 😜.
    I use 2 stereo recordet songs from USB device for adjusting PA.
    After that I play a Multitrack recording from the last show to set up a basic mix. Setup a raw monitor mix.
    Change input from USB to local, set up gain of all channels , start Multitrack recording and start soundcheck with take band.
    Our Backline isn’t loud – E-drum 👍 So I can setup up the monitors and the front sound with the Multitrack recording after Soundcheck with one ore two songs quickly.
    I set the gain of all USB channels to 0db and leave it so. The problem at self made Soundcheck ist to correct the gain of a channel. Do not change the gain of correspondence USB channel. It will works to correct the mix at Multitrack playback only, you must correct the gain of the local channel, but you can’t hear the change at Multitrack playback – is a little bit tricky 😏
    But I have the feeling that the playback level is less in the multitrack playback (usb gain level set to 0db) than in the recording – can someone help to correct this?
    Regards Micha

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