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    Hi all,

    I love my Qu16, but I usually only use 8-9 channels at a time and would love to save USB bandwidth and space by disarming the channels I’m not using. I’m not seeing a way to accomplish this. Is this really the case? Seems like a lousy oversight. Additionally it would be amazing if I had the ability to record the two internal effects returns if I wanted to use more or less of them later on. TYIA …

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    Yes, it really is the case. Qu-Drive multitrack records and plays back 18 channels at once and was designed as a simple to use ‘grab everything’ tool.
    If you only want to record a few channels, or indeed more than is possible direct-to-drive with Qu-Drive, you will need to use the USB-B interface and a DAW.

    And you do have the ability to record the FX returns!
    You can patch any input direct output, input insert point, FX return, group, mix, main or even PAFL to any USB output for recording in the ‘Setup > I/O Patch > USB Audio’ screen 🙂


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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