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    Hey Guys,

    I am looking to buy the qu16 and have a few basic questions before I make my purchase.

    1) Does the qu16 route all the sounds from my DAW (ableton) through the mixer then out to my speakers?
    2) Can it control more than 16 channels? (Like be able to bank up/down to different tracks and still be able to use the motorized faders to control ableton and still be able to use the onboard effects)
    3) When im mixing does the summing happen in the mixer?

    I will be using ableton to mix my tracks and my goal is to have all the sounds route through the mixer and have the mixer process all the mixing

    Sorry if some of these questions are too basic, i’m just starting out and am having a hard time finding these online.


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    I’m not so sure the Qu-16 is the best choice for your needs.

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    Hi Jimmy,

    Firstly, is this for PC or Mac?

    There’s more than one way to proceed with this.

    * One way to do it is to feed up to 22 (16 mono + 3 stereo) of your dry stems to the Qu16. All processing and control would be done on the Qu.

    * Another way is to do the channel processing and summing all in the PC, and send the Qu16 just a stereo mix to your control room speakers and headphones. This avoids the 22 channel limit imposed by the Qu16.

    * A final way to work is to mix the two. You could submix some things and do the final summing and processing on the Qu.

    In all cases, if you’re using the A&H DAW control driver (Mac only), or BOME MIDI Translator (PC or Mac) then you can get HUI emulation which will allow MIDI control strip banking.

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    Hey thanks for the response. I have a Mac. I’m a little confused I thought I could use the mixer as a sound card via USB and bring the sound into the mixer that way.

    I’m trying to avoid summing in ableton and do it all in the mixer through the USB port. And record the final mix into the mixer (with an attached external hard drive) Is this something that is possible?

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    Yes, you can push channels at the QU and use QuDrive to record the output.

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    Perfect. Also can I push more than 16 channels into the qu16 through the USB? Is there a limit?

    And will the summing be happening in the mixer with this method?

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    Qu16 is limited to 22 channels (16 mono + 3 stereo.) qu24 and qu32 can do more, as they have more dsp.

    Summing will be done in the qu.

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    Great Thanks for the help guys!

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