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    Hello all,
    I have recently purchased a QU16 for live performance, does the job nicely for this.
    But i am now considering Protools 11 for my Windows 8 PC, for a bit of studio work.
    I have read most of the posts that i could see were relevant to this but am still confused!

    Are these three (QU16, Protools 11 & Windows8) compatible or not?

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Patrick,

    Audio streaming is compatible with WDM and ASIO applications on Windows 8 (including Pro Tools), provided you install the Qu Windows Driver.

    Controlling the DAW from the mixer is less trivial. Pro Tools doesn’t support standard MIDI control, and our DAW Control driver for HUI / Mackie Control emulation is Mac only. The only chance to control PT on Windows is via a third party translator such as Bome’s MIDI Translator, which you would have to manually configure and set up.

    Hope this helps.

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    Excuse my ignorance, i’m new to this.

    Does that mean i can record and play from Pro Tools, but just cant control the mixer from PT (unless i got a third party translator)?

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    Yep. You can stream multitrack audio in both directions (from the Qu to Protools and Protools to the Qu) using the USB-B port on the rear of the console. However you’ll be controlling the Qu using the QU’s own faders (not the DAW) and you’ll be controlling Protools using your keyboard and mouse (not the Qu’s faders and buttons.) You can’t use Protools to actually control the Qu, and you can’t use the Qu to control Protools (unless you use a 3rd party translator, or Protools decide they’re going to support MIDI, or A&H port their MIDI-Mackie Control/HUI translator to Windows.)

    If you were to use Protools on a Mac, or use a Windows DAW that supports MIDI (eg Reaper, Cubase,) then you could do your multitrack audio streaming AND control your DAW using the QU’s faders and buttons, instead of relying on a keyboard and mouse.

    One caveat with the multitrack streaming (for any DAW with the Qu) is that you can’t stream from and to the same channel simultaneously. (ie you can’t use your DAW plugins as a rack of inserts, at least not without burning channels/mixes.) A single channel on the Qu can source its input from either the analogue preamp (local or remote) OR a digital input from Qu-Drive or USB-B. ie you can’t plug a mic in ch1 on the Qu, stream ch1 to the DAW, apply plugins in the DAW and return it to ch1 on the Qu. You’d need to use your DAW’s routing matrix to return it to a different channel on the Qu. If however you’re just wanting to plug mics into ch1-16, stream them to the DAW, apply plugins on the DAW and mixdown in your DAW, that’s fine.


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    So is it really worth changing to a Mac after a lifetime of Windoze? I’ve been researching a new windows build (I’ve built many) but it may just be easier to take a bite out of the apple. Any if so, what is a minimum MacBook that can successfully run PT 11. Thanks for any suggestions.

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