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    I would like to send out a midi command to control an QU-16.

    I’ve managed to control the MUTE ON and MUTE OFF with the commands as shown in this picture.
    (This is to MUTE ON channel 1, To turn mute OFF for channel 1 the velocity needs to be lower than 64)

    But I would like to control a fader with it, when the command is send out the fader has to go to 0dB, there is no need for a fade
    So I’ve found the manual of the QU-16 and figured I need to do something with the SysEx command method in QLab as shown in this picture.

    After trying to understand the manual I thought I would be there with this command:

    F0 B0 63 20 B0 62 17 B0 06 6B B0 26 07 F7

    But unfortunately nothing..

    Does anybody know what i’m doing wrong and how to get it to work?
    Maybe there is someone who’s successfully managed it to work and want to send some screenshots of the settings?

    I’m looking forward to your answers.

    With kind regards,

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    Not sure what let you think you’d need sysex to control faders, only NRPN is used (and your sequence tries to embed NRPN messages into a SysEx which does not work that way). If you just remove the F0 F7 and only send the four NRPN messages it should work.
    Maybe you also want to check out this recent thread: Possible to control fader going out of L/R with midi pedal?

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    I’ve looked in to it but unfortunately didn’t manage to pull it off.

    I saw someone talking about CC commands and I’ve found this option in qlab to send control commands, I’m only not sure of this is what I need and how to get it to work.

    I really hope someone can help me with this.


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    Ok, so i’ve asked the same question at the Qlab forums also and someone gave me exactly what I was looking for.

    This was his reply to my question:

    Hi Marc,

    As a caveat, I’ve never used the QU-16, but based on a quick look at it’s MIDI spec, here’s what it looks like:

    The QU-16 uses NRPN messages to control the faders. These are made by sending 4 MIDI CC (Control Change) messages one after the other.

    So in QLab you need to make 4 Midi cues, set them all to Message Type “MIDI Voice Message” and Command “Control Change”.

    In terms of what values to give them – the string you posted above is correct except for the leading F0 and trailing F7 (because as Rich pointed out this shouldn’t be Sysex). But the rest of it –

    B0 63 20 B0 62 17 B0 06 6B B0 26 07

    – is actually your 4 consecutive MIDI CC messages. You’ll need to convert the HEX values to decimal values in order to enter them into the QLab cues:

    B0 63 20 -> Channel 1, Control Number 99, Control Value 32
    B0 62 17 -> Channel 1, Control Number 98, Control Value 23
    B0 06 6B -> Channel 1, Control Number 6, Control Value 107
    B0 26 07 -> Channel 1, Control Number 38, Control Value 7

    Once you have those 4 MIDI cues set up, if you trigger them one after the other in that sequence, it should send the message you’re trying to send.

    Hope that helps get started!

    And what do you know, it actually works!
    So big shoutout to Arshan!

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    I am programming windows software to control qu-sb with midi NRPN.
    I assume qu-sb and qu-16 midi are similar.
    I have connected my laptop to qu-sb with usb.

    I can set qu-sb faders ok from my application
    and even when i move faders in qu-sb with ipad i can get data to my windows application ok.

    forexample setting main LR fader to certain position works ok:

    0xb0, 0x63,67, 0xb0, 0x62,17, 0xb0, 0x6,73,0xb0, 0x26,7

    My problem is that when application starts i want to get
    LR faders current positions to my applications from qu-mixer. LR and all channels current volume positions.

    Can someone help me please?

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    Well, that’s obviously an application issue which needs to send the current setup down to the Qu.

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