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    Hi guys, trying to set up some midi triggers from Qlab to trigger scenes on the QU, have read through the documentation (https://www.allen-heath.com/media/Qu-MIDI-Protocol-V1.3.pdf) and still cant seem to get the QU to recognize anything from qlab…

    in Qlab I have created the following (selected midi device QU-16 Midi In):
    Q1 MIDI SysEx to activate bank one
    B0 00 00 B0 20 00
    Q2 MIDI SysEx trigger Scene 1
    C0 00
    Q3 MIDI SysEx trigger Scene 2
    C0 01

    any thoughts as to what im doing wrong??



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    According to the spec this looks ok (these are no SysEx messages but regular MIDI channel events).
    Did you check that your desk is configured to the correct MIDI channel (1 in your sequences)?
    Did you try to send these messages to the DAW channel (B1 00 00 B1 20 00 C1 00 etc.)?
    Did you verify that those events are sent out as expected (sending to a regular MIDI device and using a MIDI logger, for example)?

    Btw, unless you’re still on Firmware V1.3 you may want to check out the updated MIDI Spec: https://www.allen-heath.com/media/Qu-MIDI-Protocol-V1.82.pdf

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    Thanks Andreas, had missed i was reading the 1.3 midi sheet!!

    So have checked MIDI channel (its MIDI channel is 1, DAW channel is 2)

    Have also tried various other channels including the DAW syntax as you suggested.

    Used an app called MIDI Monitor, found some interesting results…

    QLab is out putting as expected, but triggered the macro for ‘scene recall go’ and took the otput of the console… its a 22 page document with individual lines… which i can only assume is out putting details for each parameter and fader individually… see attached file… any other thoughts on using the documented code??



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