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    I was wondering if the QU-You app could communicate with a cable rather than WiFi?

    Say by using the USB connection from the phone to the router?
    Just wondering.

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    What about a lightning to ethernet adapter? Qu-You shouldn’t care how the phone/tablet is connected to the router.

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    So do you think I can have the iPhone in the liveroom with just a cable going through the multi core tube into the control room and directly connected to the router?
    That way I wouldn’t have to worry about WiFi drop out or problems.

    Would be great if this worked.

    If it does I would set up another 5 systems in our studio for personal monitoring via cable. Just buy a $100 7″ tablet for each and send the musos their own feed from the monitor sends to create their own mix.

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    If you decide to stick with wireless, put an access point in your live room.

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    I can confirm that a combination of the Apple Lightning to USB3 camera adapter with an Apple USB Ethernet adapter works fine either connected to a switch or direct into the Ethernet port on my QU=SB.

    I have this permanently wired into my rack as a wired backup solution if the wireless fails for any reason.


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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Pete, good find!
    We did some experiments here a while ago with Qu-Pad and found the same, but were reluctant to advertise it since Apple doesn’t officially support wired Ethernet on iOS to the best of my knowledge, meaning they could stop supporting that in future. Hopefully they won’t.

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    That’s good news.

    I was thinking of a Lenova 7″ android tablet on a mic stand with a connected micro USB to Ethernet adapter – Ethernet cable – Ethernet switch – Qu-24 Ethernet port.
    I’m assuming this will work.

    I did see an adapter that might also supply power to the tablet. I will have to research it more.

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