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    Jimmy. I completely understand. My point was what it is. I feel given enough requests or complaints AH will probably implement this feature. I have never heard why they have not. I will say that like has been expressed by others on various topics. If you are continually going to bash or complain about a specific feature lacking while singing the praises of the competition for just offering that desired feature then I would suggest moving to that brand. No model can please everyone. The AH lineup is overall head and shoulders above anything else out there. I think we all just get tired of hearing the fuss. It is important to you and that is fine. I personally think it is something that should be left alone. Musicians and singers need to do their job and let engineers do theirs.

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    Correct me if I’m wrong but, Unlike some of the other features which we had to wait for such as user permissions and dsnake I don’t think Allen and Heath have ever advertised the use of multiple ipads at the same time with the Qu?

    But if I was in your situation Jimmydrummer, I’d look to have a dedicated ipad on stage for IEM adjustment. Sounds like everyone / some band members are on wireless iem which should give some ability to move about the stage to share a single ipad. And if you’re doing your sound yourself you probably have the mixer on stage for a second place to adjust.

    No, its not individual ipads but it’s a work around.

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    To me it’s a bit like buying a car to be told after you’ve got it that it hasn’t got reverse. “Did they tell you it had reverse?” No, but I assumed it would have, as every car has reverse!

    To correct your analogy, it’s like buying a car without even looking at it, to then be told after you’ve bought it that it hasn’t got electric windows. “No but I assumed it would have!” suddenly sounds really stupid.

    I wouldn’t count multi client in a mixer as ubiquitous or as necessary as reverse gear in a car, no way. That’s a very unfair analogy. This is not to say I don’t want to see this feature. You just won’t see me complaining about a lack of it, either.

    GCumbee’s right, you should probably think about using a different mixer if you need that particular feature so urgently. He’s also right about being tired hearing the fuss. While a good number of regular users here are very civilised and patient, there seems to be a very vocal minority of people who are very persistently negative and use attrition to be heard above everyone else. They cite the competition as a reason to get features XYZ implemented, and barely acknowledge any other new features added until ALL of their requested features are implemented. I’m utterly bored of these people.

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    Mervaka, I’m utterly bored of your police officer posts hunting people that don’t express their opinions as you would like them to or as you think it should be done, calling them “irrational”, “stupid”, “uncivilized”, “unfriendly”, etc, basically complaining about others complaining.
    I just don’t care about your allergy to that kind of posts and I think you should just let go.

    That being said… who cares about it? Is that allergy or this post of interest to *any body* in this forum? I guess not. Why don’t you just stay factual?
    He wants the Qu16 to have a feature. He thought it would be part of it. All others have it. He did acknowledge the other features added for “free”. What’s your problem?
    Why don’t you just get a ride on your bike, go out with your wife, meet some friends, or be a real volunteer police officer in the real world? That would mean something.

    Apart from it, I don’t miss the feature being discussed about, specially as a musician. I’m happy I don’t have to take care about my own mix. Trying to play and sing well is difficult enough.
    So for the record, I don’t see the need for this.

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    Well, my request here will solve the problem: http://community.allen-heath.com/forums/topic/personal-mix-with-a-simple-iphone-app

    Just a simple iPhone app with access control should be enough. No need to have anything other than volume faders.

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    Sorry for my inglese.è can know kindly by A & H if in the next update will be introduced Possibility to control the mix outputs with iphone or ipad? This to me is very importante.Grazie

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    There is already the possibility to do that with the Qu-App on iPad! However, you can only use 1 iPad! iPhone-App isn’t available!

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    Just UPGRADED to the QU-24 from the Presonus 24.4,2 and I do mean upgraded!!! I am very happy with all that I am getting with it. I would like multiple iPad support because there are usually 2 engineers running on my gigs, one that generally handles the main mix ect… And our lighting guy handles the aux mixes. The musicians can communicate with him because he is generally closer to the stage and they don’t have to slow the flow of the show asking for adjustments. I understand this is a touchy subject on here, and if you don’t want or like the feature I get it… I personally don’t care if there is a phone app or not, but multiple iPad support would be a nice feature addition. I am very happy with the QU over all as I have been using A&H consoles for years. It’s the perfect product for my use, that being said, that one feature missing is my only complaint.

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    If there are two engineers, can one use the desk itself, while the other runs an iPad?

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    I just talked to a church media director yesterday. They are wanting a new console for their multipurpose building. Like a gym but they do youth services in there with band. I installed the amps, speakers years ago. They are moving their main services in there end of August to do a major lighting upgrade in the main room. He says some of his musicians suggested a Presonus so they could have iphone mixing. I am pitching a QU32 knowing delivery won’t happen then. I would loan them my GLD 80 till I can get one. I tried to make him see that while they think that is cool I don’t get it. They still have to have a driver of some kind at each station. An amp, headphone, driver, personal mixer. They use Aviom in the main room. If they consider that then why need the iPhone app. What does it gain you? I pitched for 6 ME-1’s instead. Much better more reliable etc. If we were leaving the GLD they could move Aviom boxes over and run them off it. QU does not support Aviom. Not sure why that was left out. I guess to promote ME.

    Anyway, I am fighting to save a QU sale. I can get them a Studiolive. I just don’t want to. QU just so much better.

    I think it is a bit foolish to consider trying to play music and deal with a tiny screen to adjust a mix. Give me a tactile mixer any day.

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    YES – two sound engineers can work parallel with Qu-App and the console! I use to do soundcheck at FoH place and my friend sets up monitors on stage at the same time! Works flawless!

    If the sound engineer is bad, then the musicians ask for individual monitor-control! ME-1 are awesome.. but i understand that not everyone wants to invest in that (expensive) piece of gear!
    Best you can do is a kind of a shootout.. give them a Qu-16 (or 24) and a Presonus to test them.. when it comes down to audio quality, ease of use and motorized-faders – A&H will win! However, it should be their decission!

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    Thanks, though I already knew that!
    My question was whether it was a way of working that would solve Yohan329’s problem.

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    =) alright – i missunderstood this – sorry!

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