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    I don’t see anything unfriendly or irrational in EGGstudio’s posts. The only irrational thing here is putting his post as irrational. Calling his posts irrational is just showing how touchy some one can be.

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    Thank you for this very good update!

    But i agree with the opinion that an iPhone and iPad App for the AUX channels would be a great feature – especially for bands without an sound-engineer. In fact: I had a Presonus 16.02 mixer and i was very satisfied for the price. I liked the Channel Strip technology – a real good mixer. But as is bought the Qu-16 the first impression was the much more better sound, the great effect sections and the great possibilities with the motor faders. For me the QU-Series from Allen & Heath is the best mixer in this price class. The sound of the mixer ist really fantastic – and this is the most important thing on a mixer.

    I use the Qu-16 the most time in my home studio and i like the DAW functions so much. Thank you for this great product. Last week i bought a ZED-10FX for small gigs and i wondered how good this little mixer works and sounds. In the past i was a big fan of Presonus and Yamaha Mixers – this opinion has changed. I am very satisfied with products from A&H. And the best is: The products become more and more functions for free i didn’t expected. THANK YOU 🙂

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    Great. Now it’s time to work on multiple remote control connections and a simple iPhone mix app (or make it possible that we can make it)!

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    yep. i’m really happy about my qu16. keep em coming.

    id would personally love the chance of opening up the qu16 to usage as a portastudio, without computer. (i.e. recording some of the tracks, while playing others)
    there is something about using your ears, not your eyes.

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    If there is to be a mobile app for controlling it, I’d suggest it’s developed for the most prevalent platform rather than the one whose users are most vocal (Q1 2014 sales – iOS: 15%, Android: 81%). As it happens, there’s already a basic Android app out there that I used just last week (QuMixDroid). Currently only controls the main mix faders and pan but that was all I needed.

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    This update is really great !!!
    Well done, and thank you Allen & Heath

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    Thanks Allen and Heath. This pretty much makes the Qu-16 complete for me. Can’t wait to upgrade my church’s mixer to v1.5 and start using DCA’s again.
    But now I have a problem, my heart had convinced my head that analogue (GL2400 or ZED16) was the way to go for my own PA. Now I’m not so sure…

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    This a a great update! I needed the channel naming and the DCAs are a nice bonus. The only important feature still missing for me is multiple iPad/iPhone support. The members of my band are still upset that they lost the capability to do their own monitor mixes when I upgraded from the PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 to the QU-24. I hope it’s in the next firmware update.

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    Ok. Here I go again being the killjoy commenter. While I think the idea has some merit I just get frustrated hearing about spoiled musicians fussing about not having their own stage mixers. Come on. I grew up in 60’s playing music with 1 or 2 mains ONLY. Maybe a 5-8 channel mixer. No ind EQ. No compressor. NO aux channels. I sang playing drums. Rarely could I even hear much of the mains but I managed to sing on pitch and we made it work. Monitors only came into fashion in mid to late 70’s and separate monitor consoles maybe mid 80’s. I remember lots of big shows I did in 80’s with 1-4 mixes from FOH if we were lucky.
    Ok that said, I am also not crazy about folks having their own control unless they are on IEMs.
    I don’t want to chase feedback when their finger slips on a touchscreen. Folks need to be playing and singing. Not dipping into a mixer during or between every song like it is a bowl of popcorn.
    I know that technology has progressed to this point but that does not always make it right. I can talk all day about those things.
    So take it for what it is worth. I have been on both sides but today my rules dictate that I maintain control. I do some pretty large shows. I have done national TV shows and concerts. I have found over the years that I cannot relinquish too much control or it gets out of hand.
    Again. This feeling in this case involves passive monitors not IEM. With IEM I really don’t care how bad they want to mess their ears up.

    Ok. Rant done for today.

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    I agree with what you say, control in the wrong hands could be a disaster.
    I’m fortunate enough that most of the musicians I work with are happy to leave all mixing to me.
    The ones on IEMs can adjust their balance a bit on their receivers and the rest are happy to give me hand signals if something needs changed during a show.
    I’ve had the capability for personal mixing with the two Presonus desks I’ve owned and on the Mackie DL I still own but nobody has requested it. Maybe I’m just lucky or maybe it’s the age group I’m working with!
    If anyone wants personal mixing right now, I’ll direct them to somewhere that sells ME-1s.
    I suppose I could pass the iPad around during the soundcheck, I don’t really need it to work the QU anyway…..

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    Ok. Well. ME1’s are slightly more that an IPad mini. About same as iPad. They could have those to feed IEM or a powered wedge. I sell ME-1s 🙂

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    Problem sorted then lol!

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    Im sure you’ve all been there: band in a small room when you realise what you’re hearing at FOH isn’t the foh but the bands foldback. Unless your band is extremely disciplined giving them their own control on the foldback could spell disaster.

    I’ve noticed that a lot of bands don’t get the concept that if they turn down their guitar amps rather than turning the foldback up, they’ll be able to hear the foldback and at the same time the audiences ears will stop bleeding…

    I’m not against giving the band what they want on stage, that’s what they pay me for. But I also have to give the audience what they want and thats not someone’s foldback that has been turned right up.

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    When you run a band with everyone on in ear monitors and you do the sound yourselves, it’s pretty frustrating that everyone can’t adjust their monitors themselves. I love my QU16 and I appreciate that it’s a great desk, and this update improves things further (channel naming is a massive improvement) – but it’s frustrating when I think of all the desks I chose from, the one I picked is the only one that still doesn’t have multiple ipads or multiple iphone / android app.

    No, I’m not gonna buy an ME-1, if I had more musicians than I had auxes then I might consider it. I don’t want musicians on radio pack in ears to be permanently plugged into a unit and I definitely don’t want to spend £800 on 2 ME-1’s when I could buy a Behringer X32 rack or Mackie 1608 for £200 more and they would allow multiple Ipads, ipods, iphones and even an android app (on the X32). As soon as the mixer can do multiple ipads the ME-1’s will be worth next to nothing! The singers in my band already use Ipads for their lyrics so having the facility to fine tune their mix at a time convenient to them is ideal, whether it’s through the Qu-pad or a “my mix” app.

    Hopefully A&H’s next update will have the multiple ipad thing sorted (I’ve lost count how many times I’ve said this) and this thread will be history. I have to say though, my patience is running thin. I bought the desk in Nov 2013 and for it still to be stuck on one ipad after this time is ridiculous. I will say that A&H have applied some much needed features to the QU and the QU-pad, they’re doing a great job. I really think that as soon as this desk can do multiple ipads or something to tweak auxes (like all the competitors have) this mixer will be perfect for me and many other users.

    To me it’s a bit like buying a car to be told after you’ve got it that it hasn’t got reverse. “Did they tell you it had reverse?” No, but I assumed it would have, as every car has reverse!

    It’s right that a simple error when a musician adjusts their mix could result in the FOH shocker but that’s why we need a separate app for tweaking auxes!

    Rant over!

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