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    Lots of nice features added, this is a nice bonus for me:)
    Thanks A&H!

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    THANK YOU A & H !!

    I use Reaper in Windows 7 Pro 64. No problem in updating the QU-16, no problem installing the windows driver, and no problem getting Reaper to communicate with the QU-16.

    I AM IN HEAVEN!!!!

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    Yeah, I like the progress, and I appreciate the work. Thank you!

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    Well done A&H, keep up the good work you’re doing…… 🙂

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    I’m already having great news from a lot of users 🙂 Technical support was excellent, maybe he was just going through a bad period, but today is perfect and new firmware seems to be greatly improved 🙂
    Now I am really happy with the work, I will let you know as soon as the back of my mixer 🙂
    Meanwhile thank you Allen & Heath 😀

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    Hi, I am new user with qu 16. I updated my firmware and can find 24 channels but I can’t receive the sound of what I am playing to the console. Please help me out. Thanks

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    Hi Cycline… don’t undestand your question.. do you have a Qu-16 or a Qu-24? Please make sure that you updated the correct firmware (for Qu-16 the Qu-16-Firmware and for the Qu-24 the Qu-24-Firmware!)

    If that isn’t the problem then it might be the source that is wrong! You can change the Input-Source of evere Input-Channel in the Preamp-Menu by pressing the “Fn-Button” (Function) Set there the correct input-source (dSnake in combination with the AR-Racks, Local or USB for Multitrack-Play)

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    Update to 1.4 adds nice features, well done.
    What I’m missing is the possibility to make LF or HF switch to shelving, as could be done with previous firmware versions.

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    I think I read that switching EQ type has now been limited to the screen rotary. I guess that means you can’t inadvertently change the type from the PEQ controls while you’re on another screen.

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    I decided to wait until after a gig last night to update to 1.4. as I had no need for any of the new features last night. Get to the gig, turn on the desk & wireless router, start the QuPad app only to be informed by my IPad Air that there is a “version mismatch”. The IPad, unbeknownst tp or requested by me, had updated itself to 1.4. Thanks Apple. You really s..k.

    Thankfully 1.4 includes support for Windows, as I REALLY did not want to use a MacBook Pro as a DAW. Thanks to Allen & Heath for supporting Windoz. Now, if they would rewrite the QuPad app for Android….

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    Yes I noticed the IPad update thing too. It’s a setting in there somewhere; automatically update. I’ll be switching it off

    Edit: it’s in settings,iTunes and updates, automatic downloads

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    Yeh, I’ve been bitten by the iPad update with one of the earlier versions. Complete pain, as I’d not got a multicore with me and had to put the mixer on the front of the stage in the end.

    Turning off the Auto Download thing does the trick.

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    I just updated my Qu-16 to firmwire 1.40, and I noticed LF and HF can’t be switched to shelving with Freq knog in parametric EQ, but you can shelf it with touch on the screen, and then with knob rotatable switch under the screen? Is this deliberately like that?

    Thank you!

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    Yes, the change that they made to shelving is deliberate and documented in the release notes.

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