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    Happy harry


    I have just bought a QU 24 and cannot get the touch screen to work

    the lock sureface button is green. How do I proceed

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Harry,

    If you hard reset the console does this help at all?

    If not, please start a ticket at support.allen-heath.com and I can help you there.



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    Hi a month before the guarantee expires, the screen of my qu-16 flashes a few times while it is in operation during a show. when turning it off and on it returned to normal and after a month of expired the warranty the screen of my qu-16 turned on white with some vertical stripes.
    allen & heat qu-16 was always used under the conditions recommended in the manual. There were no electric shocks or bad uses.
    I can use the full functions from the ipad but the screen is dead.
    already perform a firmware update, a hasrdware reset and brightness control. none of this worked.

    What could it be?
    How can I solve it?
    Is it a typical failure of the model?

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    Hi, I’m experiencing a touch screen problem on the Alen and Heath qu 16 console.. tried hard resetting but nothing.. What can I do?

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    KeithJ A&H


    Sorry to hear you’re having a touchscreen issue…
    You can contact us directly about this using https://support.allen-heath.com
    or if you have tried to recalibrate, carried out a hard reset and also checked for any debris under the surrounding bezel (I’ve seen sand and dirt get in there before!) then there may be a hardware issue with the screen, in which case please contact your local distributor for all servicing and repair. You can find the full list of our distribution partners here – https://www.allen-heath.com/where-to-buy/


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    I too am having touch screen issues with my QU 16. The firmware has been updated but the touch screen is completely unresponsive. So I can’t perform a recalibration. I bought the unit in 2018 and it’s been in a home recording studio. No dust or debris is a possible cause. Any advice aside from getting it serviced? It has 30 hours of use. And very well cared for.

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    And I have performed a hard reset.

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    Rafael A&H

    Dear @mns1
    It is difficult to diagnose what the cause of the issue is, but our authorised technicians would be able to during service.

    If the mixer is currently on the latest firmware (V1.97), then it is likely to be a hardware issue, in which case it would need to get service.
    You can find the full list of our distribution partners herehttps://www.allen-heath.com/where-to-buy/

    Thank you,

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