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    The last Qu series update was in May 2016, few months shy of a year.

    This console should be no where near it’s “final” stages and although there aren’t any specific bugs, there’s still lots of room for improvement and features users have been asking for since day 1.

    I feel like A&H are starting to slip up a bit lately, the GLD has been completely abandoned, and it was a great console, now this.

    A friend just bought a Qu-32 for his studio because he could multitrack without a computer and control Ableton with its midi faders, the only small format console capable of this.

    Another friend just bought one for the Dugan AMM built in.

    That’s just in the last 2 weeks, in other words, this console has a great following and people are going to be quite upset to see it abandoned abruptly.

    A&H, you have a console fitting many peoples wants and needs, don’t leave this one in the dust.

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    Dick Rees


    This is the real world. Those of us who bought in to the Qu series at the beginning have received additional features and expanded functionality FREE OF ANY FURTHER CHARGE.
    If nothing else is added I’ll still be more than satisfied with the performance for the amount of money invested.

    If the free upgrades and expansion fail to come up to your expectations, then please show me where in the sales contract that you’ve paid for anything more than the console as was at the time of purchase. To carp, cavil and whine about some perceived lack of commitment on the part of the manufacturer is mere pusillanimous whining… no matter WHO the manufacturer.

    If you really need more features, go out, buy something that has what you need and stop with the gratuitous conjecture.

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    You have a point Dick, i do agree if there is never another upgrade, i will still be very satisfied with the QU. But there is obviously (always) room for improvement. I agree with the OP, it would be nice to see AH take care of the people who have bought into this platform by making refinements based on some of the requests, even if it is something that they cant add to the feature list. As an example, i posted in the feature suggestions section, the need for a way to finer control the playhead when playing back longer files from qu-drive. If you are focusing on one song on an hour+ recording, or even worse a section of that song, it is very difficult to navigate the track accurately. If the main multi-function knob would be enabled to control the qu-drive playhead, it would make that process much less frustrating. It would be nice to know AH are listening, and if minor refinements could be made with little resources, that they were willing to do that.

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    Dick Rees


    I guess what bothers me are the unsubstantiated accusations of lack of support, general lack of patience and sense of entitlement implicit in such whines.

    “I want what I want when I want and I’m owed it.” What a crock. Most folks outgrow that attitude by the age of 7 or 8. My grandpa used to say, “If you want the world to kiss your ***, you’ve got to pull your head out first.”


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    Did I hit a soft spot Dave? Wow, this isn’t politics or religion, relax.

    I’m happy where the Qu Series stands, I’m owed nothing and am satisfied. I’ve always bought a product based on where it stands at that time and the Qu is no different. entitlement? I’m entitled to an opinion, and apparently your entitled to bash someone, congrats.

    Back to what I’m saying, the Qu series still stands out from the pack in many ways and moving development onto other sections of the company is premature. Just takes one more product into EOL unecessarily. This is the problem with digital electronics. Things are abandoned, when in reality the hardware is perfectly fine but support is dropped so you’re forced to upgrade.

    My RME Fireface 400 is over 10 years old, it’s no longer manufactured but still sees software updates. It’s refreshing to know if there’s an OS update that breaks the driver or software mixer (TotalMix) RME will come through and once again update it’s software. THAT is how a product should be handled, and why I will stand by RME for life.

    I’ve been an A&H user since I first bought my GL2 in the early 90’s, the companies attitude is changing, I’ve been seeing it. I’ve followed and supported them for 25 years and pushed them to others, and I’m getting uncomfortable where I see them heading.

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    Sorry, I don’t get it. I guess its the company who states that a particular product is no longer supported, not some “feeling” based on the frequency of updates or similar. Sure, there is a lengthy wishlist, some of them could make the Qu even better. Some probably could be realized on existing Qu hardware, others probably not.
    I never saw any update for gear in my analog siderack or my GS3 console, not sure why we should expect regular free updates just because the new console is digital.
    RME updates drivers and tools for changes in OS requirements or issues, sure. A&H did the same over years. A&H additionally added functionality to the Qu series over years, which weren’t specified for that product.
    Sure, in future there will be a next generation for Qu or GLD with better specs, more features etc., like we now have dLive instead of iLive.

    We really should avoid spreading rumors about EOL without any kind of official statement. There is none for the Qu series (which recently got Qu-SB and Qu-Pac added) or GLD.

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    “offense can only be taken”
    There is no end of life within equipment.
    People are still using valves!?
    A & H equipment is made to last many years.
    Way past when they stop manufacturing the said product

    There will always be a new kid on the block.
    The QU range is functioning perfectly at this moment for what is was designed for.
    Technology is exponential.
    The iLives are still working in their respective places.
    GLD is still going strong.

    Something to think about


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    Ian.hind, i think you’re adressing the wrong person here. I wasn’t butthurt by anything you said.

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    Mike Storm

    ian.hind, you are confusing EOL with development cycles.
    I’m pretty sure Qu is still in production, and is still supported by A&H. We got Sierra drivers and we will get bug fixes (if you ever find a bug), exactly as you do with your RME, so I don’t see the difference. If anything, to me less frequent maintenance releases mean that the software is stable and reliable, so kudos to A&H. The fact that we haven’t seen new features for a while does not mean that the product is not supported, or discontinued, or EOL. It simply means that they are busy doing other things, such as designing new stuff, and thanks god for that, otherwise we would all be mixing on a bunch of old 01Ds.

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    Dick Rees

    The classic take on such wild speculation…

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    Dick Rees

    Chicken Little

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    For what it’s worth (I’m seriously considering a Qu-16 or 24 for my electronic music studio) I contacted A&H through their Facebook page, and this was their reply:

    “We continue to collect and consider feature requests for the Qu, and periodically review the firmware to decide what can be added or changed. Though there has not been a full firmware release for 6 months, we are still working on the range, just not in such obvious ways. (So no, it is not end-of-lifed!) Thanks, Keith.”

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    Thanks for sharing that. It is good to know they continue to look at ways to make an already great product even better.

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