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    I own a QU16, QU PAC and QU-SB. I can honestly say that whilst remotely mixing, I have never experienced latency that has in any way prevented me from making fast changes to the board. The biggest issue as mentioned here can be wifi drop out so solve that with some of the suggestions made and you’ll be fine.
    At shows I use a Ubiquiti bullet as my WAP which has NEVER let me down and I also set up an old iPad mini I have hardwired to the mixer which sits on top (of my QU PAC 4u rack) ready to go if and when I need it. It also means I can keep it charging and use it whilst on stage for adjustments – line check etc to save on battery usage on my wireless iPad.I can then switch that on just before sound check and save battery.

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    Mike C

    Just to update….the only time I have ever dropped and all but failed to maintain connection to my QU Pac was just last Friday.
    System worked fine all day, last band of the day fires up their on stage IEM system
    and I my WIFI connection is all but gone.

    First thought was their WIFI control was on the same channel as mine, not the case, then
    I noticed that some of their IEM systems transmit right in the middle of the 5g WIFI band, I normally only use 5g for my connection and I recognized the make and model of their IEM’s and know that they operate in the 5g WIFI band from an experience with
    them at a service call for a church install.

    With my router sitting directly next to my iPad I was able to get into the router set up and turn on the 2.4 broadcast, that was during the first song and a half sound check /start of the show. I was doing some fast figured front panel mixing and router set up all at the same time.

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    I use a lightning to USB/RJ45 adaptor which gives me back-up should wireless fail.
    Cheap Amazon Fire Pad with Google Play store Android hack. running MixPro app about $5.00 when I purchased again I can run a usb to RJ45 adaptor.

    Monitoring wirelessly I run a bluetooth adaptor on my QU-SB to send to my headphones. (Being bluetooth the range is not amazing and although just for monitoring it can introduce a little latency). I have not tried to stream from my iPad or other device to the QU-SB ST1 using this arrangement again there is no reason this will not work with the limitations I have previously mentioned. I have yet to get and try BT 5. however my present set-up is fine for the small venues I work at.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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