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    Nudo Winsdor

    We have aQU-SB & we have a big issue :

    We can record chanels thru USB, all input stage are OK (we can adjust gain staging, compressor…)

    But all output (Stereo, Group, Effect Send…) are not working anymore.
    In fact the work for 3/5 mn then nothing.
    Also when not working- we can see a GROUP vu-meter at “100%”.

    What can we do ?


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    Are you running the latest software, both Qu and app ?

    Before you update make sure to save your libraries to your Q-drive !

    A hard reset may also be in order.

    Good luck !


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    Mike C

    That does not sound too good, try hard reset suggestion and while at it I would
    reload the firmware.

    By chance maybe you have a created an internal feedback loop….or two.
    The FX sends are an easy place to do that, maybe try muting all the FX returns and the FX sends masters.

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    Nudo Winsdor

    – Latest Firmware
    – We Did hard reset

    About the feed back vu meter stuck, we checked – and we switch off all group send – still.
    For FX, on whatever FX bus we send a signal, nothing at the output, even in the send fx in (not vu meter).

    The issue started when on one GROUP starting making noise like pulse noise every second randomly.

    I suspect that the main internal digital bus is broken, but if an electronic engineer can advice, or if someone already encounter this issue ?

    PS: Our controlling app is mixing-station, which, over more than year, work like a charm.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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