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    I’m new to using digital mixers. I’ve looked hard for YouTube vids to help noobs get started and haven’t found anything useful. The links to YT above seem mostly for the QU-16. So if there is a good YT clip showing a rock band setting up their sound with QU pad and the QU-SB please let me know.

    Another issue is heat. I don’t have anything blocking the vents, but at the same time, I don’t hear a fan working inside either, and the chassis gets very hot. Is this normal?

    Last issue, related to being a noob, is that the interface is not easy to play with the vocal reverb and fx, I quickly went into a horrible feedback loop and took me too long to navigate to a clickable bottom to shut it down. One great thing about analog systems, one button or slider to cut off really bad feedback.

    I’m seriously thinking about returning the mixer, but so many reviews have been positive and people make it seem like it’s easy to use.

    Thanks for any helpful advice.

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    It’s a great mixer so don’t give up just yet. Sounds like you may have the FX caught in a loop where the fx is being sent and returned to itself. On your qu pad app, press fx1 (or whichever you need) on the right hand edge. TheN press fx on the left hand side to show the four returns and sends for all fx. Make sure that for fx 1, the fx1 return is off. Repeat for all others.

    To add verb, with the fx1 button still lit on the right press inputs on the left to see all your channels inc the ones with your vocalists. Make sure the fader for the channel your need the verb on is up, and that the fx1 send is also raised. I tend to have my vox at 0 and adjust the send level to taste.

    Hope this helps!

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    I looked at the block diagrams and wondered if it were not possible to create feedback loops.
    Apparently it really is possible to do that.

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    Ha ! I think most of us have made that mistake at one time or another, I sure know I did…

    I usually put all my fx under one dca and put that on one of the custom layers next to the softkeys for taptempo.

    Regarding the temperature issue; my Qu-SB also gets warm but hot ? No….
    You can actually monitor the boardtemperature in one of the extra menu’s. Don’t know which one of the top of my head.

    Rest assured, once you’ve become somewhat familiar with the system you’ll love it !


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    Thx, trying your recommendation helped.

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