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    Hi All.
    First off I’ve had no training and have been trying to teach myself through YouTube and websites. Got it pretty good but…the fx loop has boggled me. I can’t find any training or someone who has used this before. I’m sure I’m just missing something simple but can’t get it to work unless I insert to one channel. As soon as I assign to another, the other goes away. Should the back of the effect be set to specifics. I want to put reverb on vocs but cant. All is dry all the time. Any ideas pls. Mike

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    Dick Rees

    Pages 55-57 of the Qu User Guide.

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    I am Stefan and new to this forum.

    I am using a QU-SB for some time now and I am absolute not able to get the FX set up for working.

    I have read the User Guide several times, but since it’s just for the other QU consoles but not for QU-SB I do not get it transfered.

    Is there any guide for “dummies” how to use the fx’s for single channels, for the main-mix and for the monitor-mixes?

    I can not see the logical function behind the different set up faders/buttons on the Ipad-App. Sometimes I get no fx, the other time I get hard feedbacks….

    Maybe I am just to unfirm with the function of fx returns/send at all…

    Would be very happy to get some help here.


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    In a nutshell:

    1. Turn up FX return(s) to unity (0db), and make sure that they’re ON for the main (LR) mix.
    2. Turn up FX send(s) to unity.
    3. Select FX1’s mix (or another effect that you are working on).
    4. Raise the fader on the channel that you want to add the effect to until the effect is at the desired level.

    These basic steps will generally work on any console.

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    Hey Scott,

    thanks for your help and sorry for the long time to come back to you.

    In the meantime I had some time to play around with all that settings and I got it now (not completely but more than before).

    Thanks, very much.

    What I still do not get is why I have the option with my app to select one fx (right above corner) and than select the fx-strips on the left bottom corner and push both faders fx return and fx send up what leads immedeately to a big feedback… (Maybe it’s not clear what I mean, because it is a bit complicate to explain without having the app or the hardware in front of the eyes…)


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    Mike C

    The option is there in case you want send lets say the delay output in to a reverb input for series effect processing instead of parallel effects processing.
    To be safe go in and unassign the FX inputs/sends on the FX returns. I did that on my
    default reset scene.

    Same principle applies if you have set up and mixed on analog boards with FX returned into input channels you don’t turn up the FX send on that same FX unit’s return channel.

    Also for handy mixing set up a mute group with all of the FX returns on it or put
    all of the returns on a DCA.
    Depending on your mixing style and used of effects you may want some or all of the sends on a DCA.

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