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    Qu-Pad is having issues with movement. When trying to move a fader or anything sometimes it takes 3-5 times to “engage” movement. Selecting a channel is no problem and works every time, but the actual movement of something just doesn’t work over 50% of the time.

    Router link is solid as a rock, as I can select anything immediately and my LED’s on Qu-Pad are running flawless so I know the connection is excellent.

    Very frustrating when on stage trying to ring out monitors and it takes multiple attempts to move things.

    I went from an iPad 3 to an iPad Air 2, so I’m not sure if it’s the change of iPad, or if it was a Qu-Pad update?

    This setup was working flawless before one of those two changes.

    Yes, latest Qu-Pad version, and latest Qu-16 firmware.

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    Just for starters try deleting the app then reloading it from purchased apps on App Store. I have seen issues with various apps that were corrected with that.

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    I’ve cured poor iPad touchscreen reactions by properly cleaning both the screen & my fingers. Mic leads, stages etc are often not the cleanest things & I think I may sometimes end up getting crud on the iPad!

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    Dick Rees

    IME, callouses can reduce the touch response. I sometimes need to wet my fingertip a tad or use a stylus.

    There are also differences between “tap” and “touch”. I find a tap to be the best for selection and a lingering touch best for fader control.

    Neither need be at all forceful…

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    +1 to what Mark & Dick have said:)

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