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    Yes, as a first step I’d only set a fixed IP address on the Qu and see if that changes the situation.

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    I noticed recently that Apple updated the firmware to 7.6.7 for the Airport Express – dated 24th May 2016 – Fixes an issue which may prevent communication between clients on the same network.

    May solve some comms issues?


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    I am having a similar problem, NetGear wireless router, using DHCP, routers IP, disabled SSID broadcast, and there is a password required.

    I can connect to the QU-16, but after 1 minute, my wireless signal turns off (according to my android device). After another minute, the wireless turns back on and then I connect, access the QU-16 and after 1 minute, wireless turns off.

    I have been able to properly use this router to access web pages for more than 30 minutes from the android device… but if I access the QU-16, wireless goes off.

    Is there a setting in the router that would cause this behavior?

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    David Haughton

    Hi all, hope you’re well.

    We test wireless connectivity extensively and with a range of routers and devices, with and without antennae, and in busy wifi “airspace” with 2.4 and 5Ghz traffic.

    We don’t really find that we get dropouts from the accesspoint/router unless we are out of range of the wifi signal. When out of range and the network’s heartbeat can no longer be detected, the orange wifi logo will appear.

    The communication lost message will appear after 15 or so failed attempts to reconnect are made by the app/device.
    Occasionally we have found that the device may still show connection to the wifi network in the settings menu, however we have found that this is usually the device trying to maintain connection even though signal is not strong enough or the wifi connection status has not yet refreshed.

    It’s also possible that the device could also jump to another wifi network if the signal is so low and the device has been connected to another local network, such as a hotspot.

    I frequently gig with Qu-Pad and do find that I get the orange wifi logo flash up from time to time, but this is usually when I am standing amongst the crowd, out of direct line of sight of the router, and given the number of people surrounding me, all with smartphones and local wifi traffic interfering with my connection, this is to be expected occasionally!
    However, I don’t find that it drops out more than once or twice in a show.

    We really need to quantify which ipad/touch device models, app versions/mixer firmware, router models each person is using to see if there are any common devices here.

    Please do not post this information into the forum thread, but if you are having continuous issues contact support@allen-heath.com directly where we will be able to gather data and deal with each case more effectively!

    Thanks all and have a great weekend.

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    And, though I haven’t had this issue as yet, this kind of ongoing product support from the company is one of the reasons why I chose to invest in another A&H product for my first digital mixer.
    I feel confident that if I run into problems the A&H team will be able to assist me.
    Thanks fellas (and ladies).
    Love your work!

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    Does 1.9 try reconnecting now? Does it remember the password when it does?

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    Mike C

    I want to follow with everyone on my connection drop out problems.
    I would drop connection to the QuPAC while my Ipad still solid connection to the router.
    One of the worst times this happened was in area with very few other wifi devices!

    I did a few things all at the same time and it has been working so much better now.
    – took Andreas suggestion and set the QuPac to a fixed IP address.
    – bought a better router, in my case it’s a Netgrear Nighthawk
    (I’m still open to trying other routers)
    – I set the router to broadcast the SSID (some have said a hidden ID could cause connection issues and does little for security)
    – I primarily connect using the 5g signal.

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    This drop out issue just stated occurring toda, after close to a year without issue. Drop out were occurring at 8, 5, and 2 foot distances from router and QU16. Good wifi signal. I’m using Apple Extreme Router and have had no problems until today. I will troubleshoot tomorrow at home where I know I’ve always had solid connection and no drop out issues. My first thought is my cat5 cable, to the router might be bad.

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    I use the Qu-App with my Qu-16 and Qu-SB all of the time, and rarely lose connection.
    I never had much luck with the Airport Extreme, but have had great experiences with TP-Link Dual-Band routers (I now own 3 of them).
    The key for me is to NOT broadcast the SSID and use 5Ghz. I did a beach gig last night and was about 150 feet from the Qu-SB, no dropouts.
    I alos have stripped-down my iPad so there is very little on it except the essentials. iPad Pro and iPad Air, both work great.

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    Mike C

    My iPads are Air2’s and I have turned off all un-needed functions. The only apps I have loaded on them are Qu-pad of course and DBX Venue to control my 360 DSP’s.
    Normally after set up and sound check I’ll pull the DBX360 cables from the router so the only on the router is the QU-Pac

    What model TP-Link routers do you use.

    Mike C.

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    I have the AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router that I use for both the Qu-16 and Qu-24.
    I just bought a TL-WR1043ND to use with my Qu-SB. Used it last night for the first time (outside) and it worked flawlessly.

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    I just used my Qu-Pac for hours straight in and outdoor show without a single problem with connectivity. I am using a FortiGate 60C router with a FortiAP 220B access point. DHCP is enabled, and I never have problems or dropouts using this setup.

    Are you actively using the iPad when the drops occur, or is it going into standby mode and returning to the home screen? I have mine set not to do this, and it helps with wireless mixing apps.

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    One thing I have found is to set the iPad to do not disturb and set the auto lock feature to never. Your disconnect issues may be occurring at the interval that your iPad is auto locking. Hope this helps.

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    I had the same problem as the OP, drove me nuts for a long time. Eventually i made a claim through my GC extended warranty (board was purchased used). They diagnosed and sent to AH, got the mixer back a month later and it is fixed. I was never told what the problen was exactly, but i never drop a connection anymore and boy am i a happy customer now. If you are covered under warranty still, contact AH. Sorry i cant provide details on what the actual problem was, they left me in the dark on that.

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    I would also be curious to find out about this. I have a large high school auditorium with a new QU32 having same problems.

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