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    Hello All,

    Is it me or is there a trick I’m missing on selecting a channel with the QU app. The app seems to work nice and constantly except selecting a channel. Sometimes the selection jumps right along with me, other times I will need to press 5+ times trying to select. I have tried using a stylus, same result.

    For example: Channel 1 is selected, I try to select channel 2, no go, I can move channel 2’s fader but channel 1 will still be highlighted.

    Any tips much appreciated.


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    Dick Rees

    I had the same experience in the beginning. Facility comes with experience. Try this:

    Instead of a lingering touch or using more force to try to get it to react, use a very light, momentary tap, barely contacting the surface at all. Do not hold your finger on the channel strip at all, just tap gently and quickly.

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    So is the QU mixer custom layer not selectable on the iPad?
    I have missed something there?
    From how I have experimented you can set up 2 iPad custom layers but they are not the same as selected the QU mixers custom layer?
    Is that correct?

    dave hodge

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    Correct -QU layers are not replicated to QuPad.

    Nor are QuPad layers saved with scenes

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    So ok does that mean I could move these subgroups [as per pic below] and Rev returns to a custom layer on an iPad?
    I don’t think the delay send which is actually a mix send would be fast enough for a dub type mix…?
    So this is all Ethernet based midi control…? do you think there will ever be an Ethernet based hard fader control to out board this type of scenario?
    Its a pity I couldn’t used the likes of a QU16 just for hard wired fader control?
    Anyhow I deviate away from original post
    This pic was for a setup for multi band event with guest engineers coming in who hadn’t used the QU before
    I’ll try this out on the iPad

    Thanks again

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    You need to click on the jpeg to see the whole image

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    OK. I am impressed!
    Works fab emulating this setup so of course I can get back those missing channels now.
    There is one thing missing for my particular setup and that is getting access to Matrix on the iPad.
    As I used matrix for delays… to be able to stand between/behind would be really good to adjust the mix of what is going into the delay.

    cheers and thanks for your ears!

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    I am thinking about getting a bcf2000 to hook up as a physical controller. Possibly find space in there to hide a Raspberry Pi with a wifi dongle.

    An X touch would also be nice, but considerably more expensive.

    Oh, and 1.7 will support 2*QU ANDY a midi/TCP connection, so they’re not quite the same.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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