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    hi, is it possible to route the master outputs to mixes 9/10 in order to only control the output volume for some ems? I would like the same settings as the FoH on mixes 9/10, to be able to mix on headphones while I’m playing. I can’t use the phones output of the qu-pac because I have low volume and the alt.out output is occupied for extra speakers that need different volumes from the main speakers.Thanks for the help.

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    Mike C

    Here’s a few ways to work around that, what are you using for your IEM’s. wireless system or an external headphone amp, small mixer to serve as a headphone amp?

    Do you have a stage box?

    I you just want the FOH of house in your IEM mix you could use the 2 track outputs to feed your IEM system. No independent level control on that output though.

    You could get a stereo TRS breakout cable, plug that into the headphone jack to feed your IEM system.

    To use mix 9-10, set that mix to all post fade, post processing, set every channels mix 9-10 fader send level to unity, do the same on the FX returns.
    With all the mix 9-10 send leves set the same on all channels that mix will be the same as the main LR mix and follow any mix level changes made on the main LR mix layer. You would not being getting any main LR output processing in that mix though.

    If you have the means to use it the AES digital out can be set to the main LR mix.

    This option will require a couple 1/4 inch patch cables. Take the Two Track outputs and connect them to one of the stereo inputs. On that stereo input on the main mix make sure it is down and to be safe un-assign it from the main LR mix.
    Select mix 9-10 and bring up the mix 9-10 level on that stereo channel.
    That would put the main LR mix with the output processing on mix 9-10.

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    Hi Mike thanks for answering 🙂
    The mixer is next to my keyboards,I don’t need a wireless system,so I use a behringer p1 as a headphone amplifier.
    I could use the 2track out, but I wouldn’t have volume control and
    moreover it is postfader and by lowering the volume of the master I would also lower the volume of my headphones.
    The best solution as you wrote is to bring all the channels of the 9/10 mixes to 0db in order to have
    the same sound of the foh in the iem.
    I don’t use internal processors on the masters so it wouldn’t change anything about the final sound in the headphones.
    Thanks for your valuable advice!

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