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    Hey everyone –

    I’ve been in live bands and have been mixing from the stage for 28 years. I really want to go digital and am really liking what I see and hear about the QU line. I notice that the qu-pac is coming out soon and that many companies are going to a similar rack version controlled entirely wirelessly. I’m wondering for the PAC or any of the rack digital mixers out there, is it possible to hook them directly to an ipad? Some sort of a wired connection? I want the compact rack, I want all that digital has to offer, I want lots of channels with the add-on channel box, and I want ipad control. However, we also play a variety of festivals where there is spotty or no wifi… At those venues, I’d need to have a direct connection. Is this possible? I know there is the front panel, but that seems very impractical except in a pinch. Thanks in advance for any info.

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    You usually make your own wifi network to work with these systems. In a field with no other wifi to worry about you’ll probably get better connection that in a crowded hotel function room.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. This is a bit foreign to me. I assumed that with a router plugged into the rack mixer that I’d then be connecting to an existing wifi at a venue. But you’re saying that is not the case? Instead the router connected to the Qu-PAc creates its own wifi – like a hot spot or something? I sound 90 years old I know…

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    There are some mixers out there that can do wired connections to PC/Mac for control. IIRC it’s only the older Mackie DL series that do a direct wired connection to an ipad for control. MarkPAman is right, normally you’d BYO wifi AP\router and set up your own wifi network with only your mixer and control devices on it, regardless of what other wifi networks are around. As MarkPAman mentioned, the less other wifi networks are around, the less interference you have to worry about.

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    I’d prefer to have a own WiFi for controlling the Qu for two reasons:
    – I know its there and properly setup (no additional cable to strip across the room to find a network socket)
    – I don’t want to “allow” everyone with access to that public WiFi controlling my Qu (since there is no additional access control on the Qu once you can reach the ethernet port)

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    As others have said. Buy a decent wifi router. Set it up and plug into the mixer. Point your wifi on your iPad to it. Now you are just talking to the mixer. Nothing else. Make sure you setup that router blind to others or add in SSID something like QUPAC-No Internet. That way folks with smart stuff won’t be trying to log on. We do this all the time.

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    The QU-PAC doesn’t really have to have an iPad according to the PR.
    Everything should be controllable from the front panel if the poo hits the fan and you lose wifi (or your iPad!)
    Apologies if you know this already;)

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    This is excellent information. I assumed that there needed to be an existing internet connection but it sounds like that is not the case… Thanks everyone.

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    Recommendation is not to hook it up to a “real” network. You want that network to be as uncontested as possible.

    Does mean the iPad can’t use the net, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing

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