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    hi, with tonight, this is the freeze n°3 with my qu-pac.
    audio passed fine, but i can’t do nothing on mixer. the usb was not used when qu-pac freeze.
    i had to stop the concert, and reboot the qu-pac.
    is not possible work in this condition, you must resolve these problems.
    we have paid (a lot of money) for a fully functional mixer, and qu series had many serious problems of stability.

    what we can do? i need urgent help…i can’t buy another mixer.
    thanks in advance.

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    Were you trying to control from the front panel or a remote connection?

    What led up to the freeze?

    How s the QuPAC stored, flight case? Ventilation?

    I am fairly confident it’s not a general problem, or we’d have heard more reports of it…

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    hi [XAP]Bob, none symptoms… it freeze while working. no advise at all.
    the qu-pac is in a 8u abs flightcase,no fan on it (qu-pac must be in a rack, can’t transport without)
    but: after i buyed. the same day, it was on my table at home, and after 30 minuts of use it freeze.
    table is in open air…so i don’t think is a ventilation problem.

    what you mean : What led up to the freeze?

    it remained in the same condition of normal use…i noticed about the freeze because the meter of the select channel
    not moving at all, but the musicician is still playing.

    sorry for my bad english.
    thanks to all for any suggestion.

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    Your English (as with most people who apologise for their bad English) is fine, better than my [insert any other language]!!! 🙂

    The main symptom is that the meters just stop responding, and I presume than neither local nor remote control inputs work at that point either…

    If it’s done it out on a table then I agree that ventilation shouldn’t be an issue (assuming you aren’t living in a furnace of course)…

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    David Haughton

    hi @midijay, I suggest that you contact your local distributor who will be able to help you further.
    You will be able to find their details here: https://www.allen-heath.com/where-to-buy/

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