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    So I’ve been using a qu-pac and AB168 box (guitarist mixing band from stage). I haven’t messed with routing and really only use the 168 for additional needed channels. But at some shows, the qu-pac is really far from our drummer and bass player. It makes it a real pain to run super long XLR cable runs to the qu-pac for their vocals and then run long cable runs from the mix out for the in-ears. so my questions:

    1) is there a way to have input channel three on the qu-pac to also be input 9 on the 168 simultaneously? That way I don’t have to worry about patching and routing for any particular show or dialing in settings and working another different fader during a show, and no matter which input the drummer’s vocal is in, it will always be routed to input three?

    2) same question for mix out #3. Can mix out #3 on the qu-pac also be mix out #3 on the ab 168 simultaneously? So I can use either output on any given night and always use the mix out # 3 settings/controls on my qu-pad?

    Might be a simple answer, but thanks in advance anyway?

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    1) you can send a dSNAKE socket to multiple channels, but you cant send multiple sockets to a channel.

    2) yes, that should work fine. Just make sure your AB168 is correctly routed.

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    Outputs are always live.

    Inputs are 1:1, but repatching is a fairly simple operation, just select local vs dSnake.

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