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    I am new here and have some questions to the experienced Qu-users. Primarly, I search a desk that allows easy recording to a DAW (Cubase) and remixing the record. What are your experiences? And how is the audio-quality of the AD/DA-converters / Preamps? Beside an easy handling, these are important issues for me.
    Thanks and greetings,

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    I use the qu16 connected via USB3 to a PC running Sonar Producer. I’ve had 8 channels recording to Sonar live, but I don’t know an easy way to record via the qu16 to a usb stick or hdd/ssd, and then transfer this to a DAW for editing. You have to load each sound file off the drive into the DAW, but I haven’t actually tried this. Also, to get the mixer to talk to Sonar (and probably other DAWs) you have load ASIO driver and fiddle about with it, then set up each DAW audio channel individually to accept the qu channels as inputs. But it does work!

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    Thanks Chris
    And what’s about the sound-quality of the AD/DA converters? What’s your opinion about that point? I want to use the desk here in a private homestudio (guitar, voice, keyboard).

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    They are a brilliant mixer both live and in studio.
    You can play and record from memory stick to Laptop or Lap to Memory stick.
    There is a lot of discussions on here.


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    I came from recording with FMR Real Nice Preamps, as well as a Joe Meek VC6Q British Channel into an RME ADI-2. The preamps and conversion in the Qu-16 are far superior. That’s not a huge surprise, but I was actually disappointed by the RME after recording through the Qu.

    The noise floor is much lower with the Qu, I can hear delays fading away almost endlessly into nothing. My Strymon pedals sound fantastic on the mix outs. The mixer itself is totally silent, no fans. Great design.

    I like the D/A as well, I can hear much more detail now. Even the headphone out is a step up from the RME.

    I am recording into a Macbook/Logic and I haven’t had a single issue. I haven’t used the DAW control functions as I’m getting out of the box as much as possible.

    It’s been a big sound and workflow improvement for me.

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