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    The Soundcraft Impact is going to be priced in the same region as the Qu24. How will A&H react?
    Is there going to be a “Qu 2.16”, “Qu 2.24”, “Qu 2.32” soon with a more intuitive UI or are they going to finally implement things like “audio interrogate” or at least a couple of overviews in the so called “home” screen?
    They will have to react to such a mixer. Hopefully not by dropping the prices.

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    I don’t understand your intention…

    The UI is more user friendly than any other UI in the same price range
    The QU Series is easier to handle than the others… You already have overviews…
    a metering display for all channels, the processing view shows all important processing in one view, the routing shows all routing for the selected channel

    we still have a wishlist, but that improves a very good product

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    Every new product will do some things better than an old one – and other things less well. People will not all agree on which is which.

    Personally, I think the most important thing is that it has a purple stage box, but you may be more interested in other things 😉

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    All tools from the same toolbox. It looks like a fine mixer. A competent engineer should be versed in more than on board.

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    Well I didn’t buy a Soundcraft Expression 2 (and never considered an x-32) when I bought my Qu-24 for many reasons, personal preference being perhaps the most relevant to your question.
    I like A&H gear and so do 1000’s of other owners, for that reason alone the Impact will never be a “QU Killer”.
    It’ll be more of an “Expression 1 or 2 killer” if anything.

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    Qu killer?…..I think not.
    I am so tired of engineers (not audio engineers) being in charge of the design layout of audio gear.

    stage box

    What the crap were they thinking??? It’s painfully obvious that they were not thinking.

    XLR inputs labeled backwards… why Soundcraft? Because that’s how the electrical engineers designed the printed circuit board…. 16 through 1? Then we have another row of 16 XLR inputs, these too are labeled 16 through 1. How about the first row being labeled 1 through 16, and can you guess what the second row of inputs should be labeled Soundcraft?… wait for it … wait for it…..

    maybe 17-32? better yet…. 32-17? Yeah, let’s do that,,
    no,… let’s name them the same as the first row. Cool we can do that.

    OH MY WORD this makes my fricken head hurt.

    I didn’t even waste my time looking at the console up close, but I wonder if the input channel fader on the far left is labeled 32. I used to own a Soundcraft 600 and really liked it. But I got really tired of removing modules and re-soldering connections to make buttons work again.

    OK that’s not the worst part. How about only having 5 mono stage monitor mix outputs? REALLY???
    Well that is exactly what you get if you plan to use three of the eight provided outputs for L/R and sub.

    Then they do something even more stupid, they give you four stereo outputs on AES/EBU connections.
    OH BOY! now there’s a common connector that is found on most power amplifiers and powered speakers,,, wait… IEMs have AES/EBU right? NO.

    Incredibly stupid and a complete joke compared to A&H

    Just my opinion.

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    Yorkshire Pudding

    and it’s mounted in an upside down case…

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    I saw those goofy hinges too and thought it was upside down and also noticed it was a Gator case.
    I didn’t see any rubber feet on the part of the case that we can see,
    oh well… where’s the “rolling eyes” smiley?

    I just can not believe the mind boggeling stuff that is wrong with that product.
    Gotta love A&H 🙂

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