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    I was in error. I meant HPF not LPF. I really don’t care about xovers. Just adding HPF would be enough.

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    Given possible CPU limits even allowing the peq to have a H/L PF would be useful, it’s not often needed, but it would be better than a 15dBb shelf

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    I just hope that they won’t forget us and they will give us an update for all those things that requires to be better….

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    I feel if they aren’t forthcoming soon with something that the next brand that has the latest coolest new board will reap from lots of folks jumping ship.

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    Meh, the board is still pretty darned good.

    It’s not as if I *need* more features…

    Digital capacity has us all slightly spoiled in many ways, and I still think that a dedicated control surface to control the SB/PAC (or any of the range really) over Ethernet would be a major addition. Even if it is (QU wise) short on faders. Although at that point a scribble strip makes sense…
    but new hardware is the place for that!

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    Dick Rees

    IIRC, the StudioLive had (or has) insert points pre-A/D conversion allowing the use of your favorite old outboard.

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    BAM, my reasoning exactly. the eq shelf is being used on ALL my monitor mixes, but i find the HPF would probably perform better. Who DOESN’T cut lows to monitor wedges but needs it to pass on to the mains? Seems pretty standard to me. PLEASE UPDATE THE USB DRIVE to accept more. Everything else I can easily overlook. Scribble strips would be nice, but isnt that a big draw to upgrade the the GLD? There’s a price point issue, lets not forget 🙂

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    Dancing Brook

    I love and IMHO, we should all love the QU series. The digital revolution is amazing. Racks of equipment in a small box.

    I started with. Qu-16 and now also have a Qu-Pac in a small box with a DriveRack. I have enough equipment to setup and run a to run a ton of shows quickly and easily. With Qu-Pad I can wander around stage and make it beautiful for the performers and can then sit in the audience and help them enjoy a great show from a single seat. No need for a board and racks full of equipment in the back of the house or back stage. I can have someone on stage with an iPad for monitors if I want (added after I bought) and I can let the performers control their mix (also added). It is incredible.

    That said, I’d love to see some software upgrades, and remain hopeful as they are still selling the series so they need to compete. I’m hopeful we will be thrilled with a 2.0 release soon, based in part on our feature requests, accepting the limitations of the hardware.

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    I read on a post on A&H’s SQ mixer announcement over at Facebook the QU range is still under development and there is a new update coming!

    Things I’d love to see are :-

    -Spectrograph of QU-PAD
    -RTA overlaid on PEQ + GEQ
    -Customisable channel colours

    The RTA overlaid on the EQ pages is top of my list of things I’d love to see on the QU range. Also it makes sense to have Spectrograph on QU-PAD for people using QU-SB and QU-PAC mixers. Any of the other features would be a welcome addition.

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    That would be nice but it’s been nearly a year and a half so I don’t think it’s likely.

    Top for me would be crossovers on the mix outs.

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    “I read on a post on A&H’s SQ mixer announcement over at Facebook the QU range is still under development and there is a new update coming!”

    Well that got me searching! Here’s what I found:

    “….There are no planned release dates at the moment, but it won’t be months away. Cheers!…”


    “…there are no hardware updates planned for Qu at present, but as Qu is digital, the firmware/software side of things is still in active development. Thanks…..”

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    The catch with this is that the Qu32 is a big seller. My biggest. With an SQ6 you only have 24 onboard preamps so you need at minimum an 084 to get up to what a Qu32 has plus 1/4” line inputs. All for not quite twice the price. For churches and schools etc QU is a perfect fit. They care less about 96k, scribble strips or deep processing. They can barely operate what’s there. Their big thing is recall. That said there is a place for it. I like the looks and shape. More like a traditional look. I do hope to interest some folks in it. But for me it’s a hard sell against a QU.

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