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    Dick Rees

    What I want to know from all you Monday morning QUarterbacks whining about the “lack” of scribble strips:

    How do you “update” a physical console to add scribble strips? I mean, they’ve given them to us in the app as well as adding custom layers.

    Did you not notice they weren’t on the console when you bought it? Or are some of these posts from non-owners/users who just like to carp and cavil? Do you expect the Qu to be re-engineered to include them and your first generation desk to be replaced by the manufacturer. It seems that way sometimes…

    I guess my decades of board tape on analog desks has given me a biased outlook. I’m fine with both the tape and the channel naming on the app and I’d just like to go on record as a satisfied user posting midstream in the typical loud minority of Internet bitch posts.

    No offense…

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    Any talk about scribble strips is obviously about some sort of a second generation QU desk. Rest assured no one is expecting to get scribble strips magically on a firmware update.

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    I think my feelings have always been they should have been there from the beginning based on the time it came out. Even if it had added more to the price it would have made it worth it. That said, the way the layers are it’s not a big deal. Just not what you expect to see on a digital console.

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    the system was build for ease of use, so first incarnations of the system were straight forward easy usable mixing desks.

    a lot of owners “misused” the consoles for tasks they where not intentionally made for.
    But we all (Sound People) did this with all the other stuff we had at hand in the past and will do it in future.
    I guess A&H learned a lot from the sucess of the QU series and will release a better system in the future, but at this moment in time, it is like it is

    and it’s a very good system at an incredible low price with countless posibilities… only your imagination is the limit 😉

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    That said, boosting the ‘scribble strips’ on the App from 6 to even 8 characters would make a HUGE difference on readability.

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    When I decided to go for Qu I was pretty aware that I do not get fancy channel LCDs but have one physical fader per channel and still an area to place my tape. Second layer is hardwired anyway and I either go with custom or first layer, so I never missed something electronic here.
    Totally understand the need for the QuPad/You/Control surfaces or consoles with less faders than channels.
    If the Qu would have been designed to have scribbles, the Qu32 probably only had 9-15 faders enforcing to switch layers “constantly”. I still prefer to have all channels accessible at once, which makes the Qu somewhat unique in the market.

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    When will the update?
    Or never!

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    FREE Soundcraft Si Impact 2.0 Firmware Update Doubles Total Channels to Mix!

    Soundcraft just updated their Si series….. I’m sure AH could send something our way. I’d love to see an RTA underlay. The QU pad app, though very useful, seems unfinished.

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    Detune on an ADT FX patch would be nice.

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    I’d be willing to pay for updates that bring additional features.
    One thing that I’m realy realy missing in all mixers out there is the ability to recall scenes from within a DAW. Years ago you where able to use sysex to dump a scene and then recall it from within a sequencer but all vendors have abandoned that.

    Am I the only one who would love to have something like Elektron’s Overbridge to fully control and recall the Qu from within a DAW? I’d easily fork out €100 for a plugin that allows that! Within the Elektron community the Qu-Pac seems to be a favorite already; having an Overbridge like plugin – mainly for the control/recall part – would make it a killer combo.

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    The HPF and LPF options on all outputs would be good for speaker control – one more box which can be left at home for a medium sized gig.

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    Dick Rees

    Yes, one less box to bring, but that speaker management box includes more than just HPF/LPF and you’d be leaving all that behind as well.

    Building loudspeaker DSP into the console might be minimally handy, but it’s not really the right place to do it. That processing should be associated with the speakers, not the mixer. I much prefer any “upgrades” to be focused on issues which enhance mixing capability/function before addressing larger system management issues.

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    Dick. Since the QU series already has about 2/3 of speaker management on board. GEQ and Comp it’s unimageable why LPF was never added. The knob and button already there. Can’t believe they have no DSP left to add that. Especially for monitor mixes. I’m more amazed as to why no one has ever commented from the factory either way.

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    Dick Rees


    If you’re going to do speaker management, I believe “more is better” and a designated managemnt system/box far superior to the tools available in the existing Qu.

    1. Proper crossover filters and CHOICE of slopes.

    2. Both HP and LP filters.

    3. EFFECTIVE limting for protection. You can’t expect to set up the Qu comp as a limiter and catch damaging transients. Plus there’s the real and present danger of compression raising the RMS level delivered to the speaker causing heat failure.

    4. Driver alignment delay.

    5. More.

    Yes, it would be handy to have X-over and HPF/LPF ready to go. Would it really allow you to “leave one box at home”? It depends…

    If we’re to consider simple modifications of existing features, my votes are still for “expanding” the gates to include the choice of downward expansion, using EQ for frequency sensitive insertable triggering and/or multi-band compression. I miss my DBX DDP and my TCE Triple-C’s.

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    I’m also not keen to see much more speaker processing in the desk – more to get wrong. HPF would be good though.

    Anyway my PA systems do not always get used with a QU, or even with my own desks. So I’d need the speaker processing units I use anyway. Similarly, my QUs sometimes run to other speaker systems. So it makes much more sense to keep speaker management/crossovers etc with the speakers.

    Maybe for larger desks with expansion ports, an optional card would work (think a Lake card was available for a mixer I used at one time).

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