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    Great news to hear that the QU series will be receiving a future update! Look forward to seeing the next update 😊

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    @barryjam: Its not necessarily kick or bass, keyboard and organ sounds easily produce frequencies outside capabilities of (normal sized) wedges (and are not necessary for monitoring at all).

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    The graphic eq on a monitor send works to trim off the low end. Not the same as an hpf, but at least it helps.

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    Dick Rees

    GEQ works, but I prefer the low shelving filter on the PEQ.

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    I almost hate to say it, and of course this is my own opinion, but I think the QU 16 falls under the “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” category. I agree with other posts that A&H have done a great job with updates. What I would like to see added is the ability to use 3rd party plugins. I would even be willing to pay for a hardware update/add on to make that happen. Might be pie in the sky, but that would be awesome!

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    3rd Party plugins are not a good idea on this kind of board,
    it will introduce more problems to the beginners here all around
    and opens the platform for different problems A&H can’t fix.
    And I gues the vendors of the plugins are not willing to give support for it.

    And I doubt that this is possible anyway…

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    With all due respect to those who desire that. As I’ve always contended, this series, although capable of recording, is not first a recording console or serious DAW platform controller. That coming from someone who has been in recording too for over 40yrs. I’ve owned every or almost every major recording platform. The big ones that is.
    If you want plugins galore then go from PT or other platforms and get all you want. This console was never meant for that.

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    To me, the logical progression is to put the 32 core into a qu-16 format. And as a part of that update, add some more minor bells and whistles that people have been asking for, like spectrograph overlay on eq, and HPF on mix outs. I think plugins on this platform is kind of asking for a lot.

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    Agree wrt plugins… the architecture wasn’t designed for it, so it would be nigh on impossible to implement well.

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    Why don’t they charge for the updates? Then people can get it if they desire and A&H can make money out of it.. everyone’s happy! Obviously bug fixes etc. are covered in minor updates but I know I would happily have paid to update my Qu16 when they introduced DCAs etc..

    Also, I think I recall the local dealer saying the Qu series had 1 or 2 unused processor cores (or something along those lines..?) – can anyone confirm or deny that? Wasn’t the reason for me buying the board but I do remember thinking it was interesting at the time.. but I never verified it.

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    Forgot to mention SCRIBBLE STRIPS

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    “Forgot to mention SCRIBBLE STRIPS”

    that is the Qu lines’ biggest downfall.
    A&H knew the GLD line would lose sales to the GU line if it had scribble strips so that’s why it needs board tape and a sharpie 🙁

    My new console no longer needs board tape and a sharpie or funky magnets.
    And of course the iPad app has colored channels (imagine that) not to mention a ton of other very intuitve features that I won’t go into here out of respect for A&H and QU users because I still loved my Qu24 and purple boxes.

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    They could have at least done a single 6 character strip much like Avid SC48. Didn’t have to have all the other info like the GLD and dLive has.

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    So where is the love?

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    It appears they are focusing 100% of their resources on the D-live. 🙁

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