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    I am experimenting with different ways I can use my external fx with the QU-24, but I am unsure if I can do the following..
    I want to use an external stereo reverb (Strymon BigSky) as an insert on the main mix.

    Also, how would I use it as an insert on a channel?


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    The insert points on the Qu only allow the internal FX to be patched in.

    To use an outboard FX unit as an insert on the main mix, you’d have to run from the main output to the FX unit’s input, fx unit’s output back into a spare pair of channels on the Qu, DON’T assign those spare channels to LR, but instead assign them to a spare stereo mixbus, then feed the PA from that mixbus.

    Using outboard as inserts on a channel is a similar story: Un-assign channel from LR, route channel to mix (post preamp,) mix out to fx, fx back to spare channel, treat this spare channel as the wet channel.

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    On the main mix is easy – you just put it between the mixer and the amps 😉

    On the channels – you get to sacrifice an output/input pair…
    You might be able to assign an inout channel monitoring point to the AuxOut – but I don’t think so…

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    You could use one of the stereo mixes (say 9/10) to feed the external device, and send it back in via ST1 or ST2.

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