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    Hi guys.
    I have a few different QU models. 16 24 & 32 although I moved on the QU24.
    I have noticed in the past that I couldn’t do firmware updates unless I formatted that particular Flash-drive in the corresponding model being either a 16, 24 or 32.
    I have also noticed just today from a ‘2’ track recording I did last year in the QU24 that it will not play on the 16 or 32?
    The data is there as I can play it on both mac and PC, and I don’t need that data now, as I used USB B into a PC to complete that job.
    I only noticed this as I was recycling some hard drives and I found a brand new drive I had forgotten about from an event last year.
    So my question is:
    Does anyone else know about this scenario [of using one hard-drive or USB flash drive for multiple QU’s] or is it just me not doing something correctly?
    Let me know your thoughts

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    No answers or questions to this post?
    Not even a thought?
    AM I in the incorrect forum?
    So with out spending valuable hours or time I need to spend elsewhere..

    A & H is it possible to format ONE hard drive or Flash Drive to use on different models of the QU series.


    dave hodge NZ

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    I don’t know, because I only have a 16.

    But the disk format specifications look the same, so I’d be surprised…

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    I been able to use same drive on 16 and 24 as long as firmware was the same

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    ok Thanks for that.
    Thats good to know.
    On some issues like these I wish A&H would give their recommendations.
    Its like when the last firmware came out (1.6) I couldn’t use the same flash drive to update all desks.
    I had to separately format from each desk?
    Anyhow… I’m looking forward to the new release 1.7 soon so will see how it progresses then.


    dave NZ

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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