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    when i working with Qu-Drive recordings it is not so easy to jump or scroll to other positions auf a i.e. 60 Minutes recording.
    I think it maybe a very fine gimmick when i can use the Rotate knop to scroll forward ore backward in tehe record.
    So, when the speed of the Knop rotate influence the speed of the move forward or backward, that was grater !

    To all programmers in Allen&Heath labratories, please implemantate that for all of us.

    Andreas from Germany

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    G Biner

    OK, I agree with this and in general, the transport controls for playback from the Qu-drive are extremely rudimentary and a little aggravating to use. On long files, it is extremely difficult to place the cursor where you want it using your finger — the finger is too big and the resolution of the position marker/cursor is too coarse.

    Here is what is needed, most important first:
    1. A way to finely control where you are in a long (> 1 hr) file (using the knob is a good idea)
    2. A way to enter in numerical time where you want to be in a file (like when you know the chorus starts at 1:32 for example)
    3. A way to keep that point as the starting point for repeated plays – trying to find the same point to play back from repeatedly (one of the most basic tasks in music production) is EXTREMELY AGGRAVATING – I can’t emphasize this enough.
    4. A “cue forward/backward” or “scrub” control to skip ahead or back efficiently.
    5. A rough visual indication of the waveform superimposed on the timeline, so you can tell where the songs start and stop.
    6. Ability to store locations as edit points

    IMO, this is one of the area where this otherwise excellent desk comes up way, way short. Lots of opportunities for improvement here!

    PS: I’m curious as to why it was designed this way — is it assumed you will usually use a DAW for playback?

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    PS: I’m curious as to why it was designed this way — is it assumed you will usually use a DAW for playback?

    Yes, either a DAW or a program developed and dedicated to track playback, such as QLab, Show Cue Systems or Ableton Live. I never use the playback function on my Qu16 in any kind of live situation – instead I rely on a separate laptop with Show Cue Systems as the playback program because it is a much more powerful program with the type of features needed for good, consistent playback.
    The only time I’ve used the playback feature of my Qu16 is to play back a guide track for a session recording drums. I routed both the playback track and the drum tracks to an external laptop. That way I could line up the tracks in post.

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