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    3hours of recording done at the weekend with my qu-16 and the WD my passport 500GB Harddrive.
    Everything worked well.. i didn’t hear any cuts or drop outs, so it looks like everything ok now!
    To remember: i did a firmware update on the WD HD, did several disk-formating and loaded the newest firmware V1.2 on the Qu-16!

    Thanks and Cheers eotsskleet

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    V1.2????? I thought the latest was V1.12. I just brought a Passport and want to make sure it works ok so where do I get V1.2 from is it a private beta

    Cheers Raoul

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    Sorry, i wanted to say v1.12!

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    Well I’ve come to my wits end. Brought the recommended drive, western digital my passport 500gb, qu-16 is on firmware 1.2 and I’m getting more skipping/jumping than ever. I brought this desk mainly because of the recording facility it offered but it just doesn’t want to work for me HELP HELP HELP 🙁 🙁

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    Argyle Sox

    We are using a Seagate Backup Plus per the recommended guide, however the 1TB version. In three 40 minute recording sessions, one of 2-track, two of 18-track, we experienced maybe five skip events. My unfounded suspicion is that it is the hard drive rather than the Qu-16. One comparison of these external drives showed the Seagate as a lesser performing one. Of course this is just one review. I might try the WD My Passport. OTOH, I might try the Buffalo DriveStation DDR, it is a desktop external drive with 1GB of DDR buffer. It is larger and requires a wall wart but I consider these things to be an acceptable compromise to size if the recording performance is rock solid.

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    Hello everyone, I have encountered the same problem of tracks recorded with cuts in my Qu-16 digital mixer. I used 6 hard disks (both certified and non-certified) I have updated the firmware to 1.31 and I have always formatted hard disks from Qu-drive before use. I tried to do a hard reset of the mixer but all these attempts have not been successful.
    You how you solved it? Let me know because it is a problem really obnoxious!
    Please listen the MP3 attachment

    Hard disk list used:
    Western Digital Passport 500Gb (certified)
    Western Digital Elements 500Gb (certified)
    Seagate Backup Plus 500Gb (certified)
    Seagate Momentus 500Gb(not certified)
    Western Digital Passport 1Tb (not certified)

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    Sorry for missing the file, here it is 🙂

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    Sounds like the needle is jumping out of the groove.

    Oh, wait…

    I haven’t done extensive recording yet, so I don’t know if my desk has this issue or not. Does there seem to be any pattern of when this happens? Right away, or more than 2 hours in, or…?

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    I’ve used a WD My Passport to record with absolutely no issues. It’s certainly not a pattern. This is the only report I’ve seen. It could be as simple as a bad cable causing the problem.

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    I’ve also had skipping problems. Not as severe as the one you posted. On average over 4 – 45 minute sets I’ve had 2 or 3 skips. It was worse when I used the WD passport from their approved list. I been back and forth with tech support (which they were very quick to respond each time) but the last response was send the unit back to the dealer. I was hoping the last update would fix it but it did not. I’ll be sending the unit back for replacement. Let me know how you make out with yours

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    to GR-PDX : generally right away (appears to be present each time increases the dynamic of the song, but it is not always so)

    to ALL: I agreed with the Italian distributor of A & H for warranty return of the mixer. They will carry out technical checks on the apparatus … I’ll let you know. However, it is unacceptable to a similar problem on a mixer bought 2000 €!
    I’m really very angry!

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    I use a Lacie 500 gig drive formatted on the QU-16 and it works perfectly all the time.
    I take recent recordings off the drive right away and store them for mixing on my
    computer system. That way the Qu-16 is always empty when I do a new recording project.

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    Ok Mike (moon)
    but a mixer of this caliber should not behave in this way. Should be able to support any type of hard disk even with very few restrictions … keep in mind that I format the disks before each recording but the problem is always present. I remind you that I have used as many as 5 different disks, at this point the problem may not be the hard drive. Next week I’ll return my Qu-16 at the assistance. We’ll see….

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    Hi all,

    I’m still having playback problems. I used the files provided by Nicola A&H.
    What did I do:
    Used WD drive Utility to update my WD-Drive. Did the long test. Everything OK.
    Factory default the QU-16. Re-installed the firmware.
    Format the WD on the QU-16. Again format the WD on the QU-16.
    Copied the files from my W7 PC to the WD.

    My QU-16:
    Firmware: 1.31 – Rev 2966 2014/02/04 09:33:50
    MAC 1: 00:04:C4:00:8F:03
    MAC 2: 00:04:C4:00:8F:04
    DAC Temp: 58 (Hi 59, Lo 46)
    CPU Board: 04
    Audio Board: 09
    Surface Board: 11
    Fader Firmware: V56.e
    Processor: 0302E01F-AB359806-50B01620-F5000582

    Western Digital My Passport 500GB USB3.0/USB2.0
    Firmware: 1.025
    Supplied USB-cable: 4064-705107-000
    Lot Number: JEMSHE108130JG

    Please listen to the enclosed sample.

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    Hi Ermep01,
    I think you should return the mixer to the manufacturer as I did.
    Several people have this problem and it is dramatic!
    What’s you serial number machine? I’m curious


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