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    Does anyone know where to find a glossary of definitions for errors in QU-drive? I am getting “error 1” on my screen when recording onto my flash drive. I cannot find a list of what the error messages stand for. I reformatted the flash drive and successfully recorded a track without the error message but I would like to know what each error message means.

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Bob,

    The error counter will increase by 1 each time a packet of data is missing. This may result in loss of audio or an audible artefact in the recording, but may also not be noticeable. The missing packet happens when the Qu-Drive writes the information unsuccessfully on the USB drive and is a sign of compatibility issues with the USB drive.

    You may also get a pop-up error which will give you some more information on the error, such as when a file format is not recognised by Qu-Drive when selected for playback.

    Thanks! Alex

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    Thank You, Alex.

    I am using the Kingston technology 16GB SE9 G2 USB 3.0 It was recommended to me as one that A & H uses as a favorite. I don’t remember if that recommendation came directly from someone at A & H or from my salesperson at Sweetwater. Either way, this model is mostly working but, of course, any glitches could be very frustrating at certain times. It’s one thing to have to do a re-take at home in practice and something entirely more frustrating to have an error while recording a performance. So, do you have a favorite flash drive to recommend?

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    If only that database were correct and the devices alleged to work were actually still available.

    Why does not AH just tell us the cause of all the usb problems and give specific guidance on what USB memory stick would actually work instead of pointing us to a user generated database that is out of date and incorrect in many places.

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    stop struggling with A&H on USB compatibility
    it makes no sense at all since they are not producing USB drives
    read the topic

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    Any device made to use usb memory is part of the compatibility problem
    especially since they are the only device I have run across with such a widespread one

    No other device I have run across has a user defined DB of ‘good’ memory that might work
    Other devices just plain use the usb memory without saying they cant recognize it.

    usb memory sticks just plain work on all my other devices
    now some do require a driver (wi98se) which may not be available
    some just self install a driver (winXPPro) and work just fine
    some are dangerous (win10) and will work there but then make them unusable other places

    I can use virtually any usb memory on PCs, cell phone, camera, TV gear, yada yada
    as long as it is the same type (memory stick, CF, SD, mini SD + adapte, yada yada)
    So dont try to tell me the problem is with the usb memory when it is clearly with AH and how they implemented it

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    you have no f…g idea what you are talking about
    please get out here

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    I agree that you are clueless.

    But you do not get to tell me what to do.
    Stop being an arrogant bully and acting like you are actually smarter than I am

    Dont know how much clearer to put it then usb memory has BIG problems on the Qu
    and apparently otehr AH gear too

    ALL memory sticks work fine for me everywhere else if I have a driver for them.
    And most drivers are installed automatically when I use the memory.

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    the database is initiated from A&H
    and since it is difficult to find standard conform USB thumb drives
    that act in all situations in a foreseeable way it was opened to the community to share made expiriences with everyone

    I regulary work on different mixing desks (Yamaha, Midas, Behringer or Avid) and most of them have some problems with USB drives
    some more some less
    but there is no trouble free compatibility with all USB thumb drives on any

    how much money did you invest in an A&H mixing desk?

    did you own one?

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    AH punted the problem and handed it to users.
    They should tell us what drives are guaranteed to work.

    When almost no drive is recognized, and the few that are will not format,
    then the problem is not the drive at all, as they work well in every other device I have.

    Now if a drive might not record reliably due to speed that is a different issue.
    But still, AH should tell us what drives would record reliably not hand their problem back to the users.

    How much I spent or what I own is irrelevant.
    The only issue is why wont they recognize every drive whether it is fast enough for reliable recording or not?

    Except for the usb memory stick issue AH has done an aamazingly great job and offered a very good product at very good prices.

    Do any of your other desk makers have databases of drives that might work? Or does any drive work, and those that are fast enough work better.

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    KeithJ A&H


    The other devices you mention have operating systems and drivers. The Qu uses a hardware chip. i.e. There are no drivers to update.
    There is also no computer in a Qu, it is a custom built embedded system designed for one main purpose, to process and mix audio.
    We added in the Qu-Drive feature on top of this and used a USB-A connection as it’s the most inexpensive and ubiquitous method of storage worldwide. It’s also definitely the best option when it comes to backup of shows/scenes/libraries to a device you can keep on your keyring.
    So this is one piece of hardware connecting to another, and whilst there is some control from the mixer over how the hardware handles any issues with devices, there is no software in the USB chip that can be updated to change whether or not it is compatible with them.
    We would LOVE to be able to guarantee a compatible drive or drives, and initially we did recommend some models. The problems arose when we found that drive manufacturers regularly change the hardware chipsets used in the devices from batch to batch and from region to region without changing the model name or specifications. How then could we recommend a device without knowing whether it would work correctly?
    This is where the compatibility list came from, we will never be able to guarantee a device (without knowing the chipset used), so this gives the best indication of which devices are most likely to be compatible.
    There is no more that can be changed in firmware, and we spent a huge amount of R&D resource on this just a short time ago. So the compatibility list is not about us passing a problem to the user, it’s about us being open and doing what we can (with the kind help of the digital community here) to help other users source a compatible device.
    Personally I use an inexpensive 2.5″ external caddy, as this is the part that interfaces with the mixer. This allows me to use any old cheap SSD in it when recording multitrack with no issues or errors.
    (it’s an Orico 2588US3 if you’re interested – but again, we cannot officially guarantee it as it may have changed!).
    At the moment, your problem appears to be more with A&H and other users than with simply finding a solution, but once you have a device that works perfectly for your needs, there is no issue, so let’s help you find a device?

    Apologies to Bob for hijacking the thread!

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    My problem is more with AH not telling us what the problem really was like you just did.
    Why not just say no to usb memory and tell people to use a HD or whatever solution always would work.

    I very much do appreciate that little bit of enlightenment as to how the Qu works.
    I had imagined a number of CPU chips running some sort of linux like opsys and tied together with the firmware to do it all.

    There is still the issue that the Qu wont recognize many (most?) memory sticks that work just fine in every other device I own.
    How do usb chip changes only affect AH and not any of my computers, stereo, TV, cell phone, tablets, etc?
    That is the question.

    Did you run some sort of speed test and decide it was not worthy of being formatted?
    Speed is irrelevant to us. We just want to back the settings up; and we do not need it to record anything.

    I did find a very old Office Depot cheap white box no name usb2 that worked.
    But nothing else since them. If I had not saved that from a long time back the MD would never have gotten our Qu backed up.
    Yet all those Qu failed usb memory sticks work just fine in all 4 generations of my pcs in use
    [98se XPPro 8.1 10 (and soon linux)] if I install a driver (and the newer ones automatically install a driver that works).

    I am a paranoid boy scout and like to be prepared
    EG have another backup for when the first one fails.

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    this exact same statement was given by Keith more than one times

    the thread with the database contains a discussion about the problem that lasts 6 or 7 years

    “if ignorance is bliss”

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    if that database has that information it should be pulled out and made easy to find

    you should know all about bliss if you still think usb memory failing on AH gear but working everywhere else I use it is my fault there is a problem and not something AH should have fixed by now if not avoided completely by a better design that allowed new drivers to be inserted via updates

    does taht discussion tell what their design screwed up and how they will avoid it next time?

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