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    Would you happen to have a link to that specific drive (Verbatim V3 Drive USB3.2 Gen 1)? Thanks

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    Dancour, Your most foolproof way of finding it is by going to the Verbatim website

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    So, for whatever this is worth, I’ve been testing the Samsung 1GB T5 mini-SSD as multitrack media on my SQ6. Yesterday, I fed source (music) to 32 inputs of my SQ and recorded to the Samsung drive, 24/48, for five hours. I never saw any indication of USB overload nor, upon listening today in Reaper, hear any indication of recording error on any track.

    I am pretty convinced that this drive works as it should on the SQ and for now, will have no hesitancy to use it as, at least, a multi-track backup for my JoeCo. Is it as reliable as Reaper in Dante on a MBP? Seems likely.

    I still wish that it picked up the track names but, oh well. Reaper does that as normal.


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    This weekend I performed some multi tracking using my T5 (500gb) SSD using the QU-drive without any issues. Rock solid.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi All,
    To quickly clarify and add to some of the things being discussed here –


    Qu USB-B connection
    – 48kHz
    – I/O channel count dependent on model, simultaneous
    Qu-16 = 24×22
    Qu-24 = 32×30
    Qu-32, Qu-Pac, Qu-SB (all have Qu-32 core) = 32×32
    – Free patching from Qu to USB, fixed patching from USB to Qu channels (patchable from computer e.g. DAW)

    – 48kHz
    – Stereo or 18 channels record or playback options
    – Shares USB-B patching to Qu-Drive for recording, Playback to Qu is source option for channels 1-18
    – Multitrack file names ‘TRK01’ to ‘TRK18’ matching channel number for playback routing


    SQ USB-B connection
    – 48kHz or 96kHz
    – I/O channel count 32×32 simultaneous
    – Free patching to and from SQ/USB-B (shared patching with SQ-Drive)

    – 48kHz or 96kHz
    – Stereo or up to 16 channels at 96kHz or up to 32 channels at 48kHz, record or playback
    – For multitrack, only records the channels which have been patched, i.e. if only 6 channels are patched, there will only be 6 files in the folder
    – Free patching to and from SQ/USB-B (shared patching with USB-B)
    – Multitrack file names ‘TRK01’ to ‘TRK32’ matching channel number for playback routing
    – Stores channel/socket name in meta data of recorded file as ‘Track Name’ (viewable through file management or audio software)


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Viewing 6 posts - 481 through 486 (of 486 total)

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