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    Colonel Ted

    Greetings All

    I know there have been discussions on the forum regarding the QU16’s ability to store and recall pre-recorded WAV files. Has anyone figured out what the upper limit is? It would be great to have all this music on-board vs on an attached MP3 player and better yet, in various subfolder playlists.

    Different venues require different music before, during and after the performance.

    Is there a way to rename the multi-track recordings in such a way to make them more readily identifiable and so the QU can recognize them? As it stands, they are all in the QU-MTXXX format.

    Thx in advance.

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    Currently no. I’d suggest a dedicated music player…

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    I’m running stereo track plus click track (Three tracks total so has to be multitrack rather than playback) with my band to fill the sound out with keys and BVs. Would really be nice to be able to name the multitrack recordings… Top tip, by the way, as long as trk01 is the exactly the same length as the other tracks you need to use, that is the reference point for the QU-16. The redundant tracks can be any length, so make a multitrack recording on the console as short as you like and replace the TRKnn files that you need with 24bit 48k wav files on your computer. Just make sure you replace TRK01 with one of the files for playback to work. Saves drive space.

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    As XAPBob has already said, use a dedicated MP3/WAV player instead.

    The QU’s ability of playing back MP3/WAV files is limited at best, you also don’t have an option of being able to shuffle your playback tracks, it will play them in the order that it finds them from within their dedicated folders.

    I have around half a dozen WAV files that I have on a USB stick just for the purpose of eq’ing my system, for the few occasions were I have been asked to provide break music, I subscribed to Amazon Music for that very purpose and well worth the money for zero hassle.

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    Not entirely true, you can browse through the recorded files and play them in any order you like. Not being able to rename them remains an issue though…


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