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    Anyone doing this yet?
    I have been using ethernet to control Reaper for a couple of years running both Lion and Mountain Lion.
    I have just updated a couple of Macs to El Capitan 10.11.3 and I have spent days trying to get the QU to connect over ethernet? [control]

    I do have 1 Mac still running Lion and so have all the settings to refer to as that Mac connects instantly.

    So is there a problem with El Capitan?
    The QU connects fine with USB and the A&H DAW control shows the little black squares [in the DAW control Window] transferring midi in El Capitan. But not via ethernet.

    Im at a loss ?
    If anyone can help?
    3 pics showing
    1 is Lion connected
    the other 2 are variables of letting the Mac decide and also manually addressing the ip.
    Ive tried many different variables of ip address’s
    I’m at a loss.

    thank you

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    Forgot to add the desk settings.

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    Well, that’s easy. You need your IP addresses to match regarding the subnet. All numbers from your IP address where the Subnetmask has a 255 need to be the same (and subnet masks need to match as well).
    For your Auto IP setting your Mac pics with a subnet mask Then your Qu needs to be configured, for example, like this: IP /
    Not sure why there is no subnet mask in your DHCP configuration, I guess setting the mask to would do the trick.

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    Nicola A&H

    Looks to me like your Mac is set to DHCP but there is no DHCP server on the network. Set the Mac to a unique IP address compatible to the Qu mixer, for example, and subnet mask as Andreas says.

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    Strange point is, that your Lion using as a DHCP address which more looks like an AutoIP assignment and seems to be able to connect to your mixer configured with from a different subnet without a router configured on your Mac.
    With the information provided I can’t explain why that one works.
    Maybe Down Under Ethernet operates differently… 😉

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    Thank-you master Grasshopers!

    I got this working with El Capitan..
    I had the previously left the QU [DHCP off] always set to 192.168.60 and it always connected with Lion in the auto mode of the Mac with subnet

    So I changed and manually connected using
    the same settings in the mixer.
    Simply manually configured the Mac to with subnet the same as previous.

    Both GSR and QU are now controlling Reaper via ethernet and Firewire.
    Phew what a mission.

    Thank-you again.


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    Sorry the mixer is set to

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