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    Hello everyone,
    I’ve searched a long time after a special app, but didn’t find anything, matching the requirements.

    For basic operations, non-technicians, like fitness-instructors or presenters:
    An app (ipad/android doesn’t matter),
    that shows only one page of qu-control, which has been pre-configured on the mixer by the admin.

    The app shouldn’t be able to do more than that.
    -> Connection (protected wifi) to the mixer via the app -> Configured Surface.
    (The tablet-computer will be locked up in a frame, so no-one is able to press buttons)

    Maybe someone has found something or is able to code it.

    Thanks, FACE.

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    Would it be possible to do what you want with the current app and Guided Access?

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    Hello again,
    (sorry for the long delay..lot of work to do during the last few weeks)

    unfortunately the guided access isn’t the solution for this problem.

    Basically i need a layer with 3 faders/button(s) on it (mic-vol., music-vol. and a switch between the music sources (cd/usb/aux) ).
    For a lot of the presenters in the fitness business, that’s already particular-physics.

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    Set up automixing?

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    I think you could achieve this with guided access.

    Set up a user layer with your Mic channel, and a VCA that controls all the music levels – set up the area for these two sliders in GA.
    Insert a blank.
    Add the three channels for the three music sources, and in GA set a second area that only includes the 3 mute buttons.

    Name you channels, set up sensible levels then enable GA. The only thing they can get wrong is to have two music sources on at the same time, but I’d hope even fitness instructors could work that out!

    You could assign the mutes to soft buttons, but you can’t label them, so showing the channels makes more sense + you get to see meters.

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    Not sure that a Qu is the answer to this challenge. There are some other installation-type mixers that might be better at doing the job that FACE needs done. I know that A&H has such a mixer.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi FACE,

    We are working on a Qu-Control app for iOS, which is exactly what you’re asking for. I don’t have a precise ETA but we are previewing the app at the Prolight+Sound Show in Frankfurt next week if you have a chance to come by.

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    Also would be great to see a VERY BASIC Main L/R EQ (Bass/High) sliders available for instant quick overall EQ via the Qu-Control screen…

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    Hey everyone,
    thanks (esp. to Nicola) for the Qu-Control-App. Works great!
    Bought some Ipads with presentation desks (lockable stands) to provide easy user-access for small rentals and fixed fitness-installation, with configurable limitations and ducking for the mics.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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