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    Had a weird one last night while doing 4th of July events. Channel 2 all of a sudden shows same fader location on all mixes, FX and groups. No matter which one you move they all go to that location. Only the LR is affected by a level change. All others just have fader movement. Have never seen this. Console is one I sold to a sound company. They hired me to mix the show. I couldn’t do much till after the night was over. I just poked around. Nothing. So after the show I took that scene and did a Reset Mix Settings on the scene page. That corrected it. Console is still on 1.8 or .82. They had not upgraded to 1.9. I may do that first chance. I have other consoles out on 1.8 or lower. Still have never seen this. I did have a bug on another QU a few months ago. Can’t remember what it was but doing Reset Mix cleared that one.

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    Thanks for the report. I have a band gig next week and will keep an eye out for that behavior, even though I’m running v1.9.

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    David Haughton

    @gcumbee Hi GC, could you send us a show file to support@allen-heath.com we can have a look into it?
    If you can reproduce the issue, backup the show file, hard reset the desk and try again. Is the problem still present after reset? If not reload the show file. Does the problem come back? Let us know.

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    Harry. It will the 14th before I will be working with that company again. I will see what it does. I have used it several times and this is the first time it’s happened. I did a Reset Mix Settings in the scene screen that corrected it.

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    Something similar happened to me, but I think it was more of a ‘hardware’ problem, meaning fader on CH2 got stucked at +5db. Of course I didn’t notice it at first, so when I was changing my layers/FX/Mixes/GEQ settings from this CH2 fader got to +5db, causing nice feedback (because frequency band on GEQ was pushed really high :)). I just shut it down, pulled fader down a bit roughly, and it was working okay since then. So mine problem was a bit different than yours, but just to let you know about it:)


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