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    Is anyone working with this as yet?
    I’m trying to get it working at the moment, and could do with some help – but I don’t want to keep bugging the author…

    Maybe other people on here would be in a place to help me work out what is wrong…

    Pro edition installed:
    – BCF2000 plugged in via USB OTG cable.
    – Menu -> Setup -> Midi -> Add Controller

    Select Fader
    Select Type CC
    Channel 1
    Fn and Value I ‘learn’

    Add an action:
    Active, current layer
    It fills in – Offset 0, Main, Fader (Use SOF)

    The fader moving then jumps the level of Ch1 to -9dB, and it drops to -inf when it stops… Actually any fader does the same – Ch1 on all…

    So there is some comms, but not the correct info.

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    OK – found the problem (after googling for diagnostics)

    The BCF2k was in HUI mode, I guessed (from the instructions to enable HUI mode) that powering up with the top left button pressed would revert to a more compatible mode.

    Faders work just fine now. I need to decide whether to try it this w/e

    Rotary controls not doing what I expect, I shall have to play with more options – and of course I shall have to set up some of the other buttons as well.
    Looks like a really nice ‘monitor console’ if I can set it up right (I hope the custom buttons can change the mix I’m looking at – I don’t need mute/PAFL on each channel, but using each one as a ‘fixed mix’ will work for a 7 piece band (and FOH as 8)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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